Simplify Life

Simplify Life

I always believe that we should simplify life instead of making it complicated.

We see many things before us that are required to be done. And we have identified which one is the all important and which one are not substantial. Do the all important things and leave the unnecessary things behind. We cannot entertain and make everyone happy all the time. In the end of the day, we are alone who are going to face consuequences: for the better of the worse.

Are Indonesian People Lazy, Careless or Indiscipline?

Are Indonesian People Lazy, Careless or Indiscipline? A survey conducted for a doctoral dissertation in psychology

Indonesian people still like being procrastinator i.e. to put off or delay doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. Despite it seems trivial, losses caused by procrastination habit can not be taken lightly. In a study conducted by Prof. Dr. BAGUS SIAPUTRA, S. Psi lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology University of Surabaya (UBAYA), the material losses caused by delaying this work could reach trillions of rupiah.

In psychology, work delay is known as procrastination. The research for a dissertation of doctoral program at UGM was conducted on 232 students who procrastinate in working on their thesis. Losses incurred due to the delay in finishing their thesises turned out to trillions of rupiah for each semester, calculated from the addition of tuition fees and living expenses for college travel

"Let's say there are at least 100 thousand students who procrastinate finishing their thesis each semester, the losses would have reached trillions of dollars for them," he said as quoted by

In terms of non-economy, delays in completing thesis also has implications for the students, the crisis of confidence, anxiety, shame, stress due to the threat of the drop outs, delays in the work, to delay of marriage plans.

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