Plastic Surgery and Self Esteem

Plastic Surgery and Self Esteem
Women Breast, Surgery and Suicide

Breast for women is as much, if not more, important as the "missile" is for men. In this case, size does matter. Hence, enlargement tools for men and breast implant for women are becoming big business to those who think that physical appearance is everything, instead of inner beauty. If you are one of this category and have a future plan to do physical improvement, please beware. A survey as reported by Reuters should warn us as to how important to improve our positive mindset and sense of gratefullness to whatever physical appearance we have.

Reports Maggie Fox of Reuters,

Women who get cosmetic breast implants are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide as other women...

The main reason is

...some women who get implants may have psychiatric problems to start with, perhaps linked with lower self-esteem or body image disorders.

This is a good point. You will never feel satisfied with yourself, with your physical appearance however or whatever beautiful, handsome or attractive you are to others if self esteem is not there within you.

While breast size dissatisfaction is a common phenomenon in the West, it could also happen in India where most women are having a relatively big breast. Sushmita Sen, a 1994 Miss Universe and prominent Bollywood actor, is among rare Indian women who did breast implant.

In Indonesia, the physical problem is not women breast size. It's their nose that women feel dissatisfied the most. Many of them feel their nose are too short or too flat and need a "fix". Interestingly, nose cosmetic surgery also happen among Iranian women. As broadcast by CNN a few months ago, many middle-class Iranian women are doing nose cosmetic surgery. The reason is not about too shortness, on the contrary, they feel their nose are too long so they need to be "reduced."

The white color of Western people skin sound not so attractive to them, they need to darken it by going to any tropical places during vacation barking on the sunshine of Bali or Thailand beaches all day. Reciprocally, people who have not-so-white or even dark skin color think that white is the color their should have and hence they readily spend a lot of money to whiten it, no matter what. People of mongoloid arigins feel unhappy of their little eyes and need to make them wider. The list goes on..

Do you feel the same dissatisfied feeling of your own physical appearance? If so, how you deal with it? Share with us, there might be some reticent women and men outthere who might benefit from your towards-self-esteem experience.

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