Writing Arabic Script in

In order to be able to write Arabic script in you need to change the setting in or wordpress version 2.7. Follow this simple steps:

After login -> Setting -> Reading
In the "Encoding for Pages and Feeds" change the "UTF-8" (by default) into -> "windows-1256" or ISO-8859-6
Save Change.

Encoding for other specific character:

Latin/Hebrew: ISO-8859-8
Hebrew: windows-1255
Latin/Arabic: ISO-8859-6
Arabic: windows-1256

How to Enable Arabic Letters in Wordpress

Mukhlas Rowi gives a tips on how to enable non-Arabic wordpress to suport writing in Arabic letters / alphabet:

Notes: It applies for Self-hosted Wordpress only. It should work with other specific characters as well such as Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Urdu, etc

I. Enable writing Arabic in Posting:

Find the table wp_post or wordpress_post in your PhpMyAdmin Sql.
Change the field database collation from latin1_general_ci into utf8_general_ci

II. Enable typing Arabic in Comment:

Find the table wp_comment in your PhpMyAdmin Sql
Change the field database collation from latin1_general_ci into utf8_general_ci

Screenshot by Mukhlas Rowi

Why I Don't Join Paid To Review Program

As you may notice some link in the footer (Money Makers), I have joined some affiliate program some of them are from PTR (paid to review) ads services such as (aff. link): Sponsored Reviews , PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, etc. Some services requires me to submit a blog to join the affiliate in which I use this blog.

Naturally, I got some offers on regular basis to review a particular blog which I decline. The reason is not only because I want to dedicate this blog merely for posting/writing what I like, not what I have to, but it also because posting a PTR article ads could degrade your Google PR.

I don't discourage you who have joined or wanted to join this program. I just let you know the risk and be prepared accordingly.

Search Term Tagging Plugins

This plugins shows the search terms or keywords used by visitors who come to your blog from search engines

Name of plugins: Search Term Tagging 2
Author: Purwedi Kurniawan
Plugins homepage: Search Term Tagging
Download: Free Download here

Installation: click this tutorial on How to install wordpress plugins easily

Functionality and optional Features:

1. Shows the search terms/keywords used by visitors from search engines, sorted by popularity.

2. Displays the most popular search term for the entire blog posts.

3. Displays the most recent search terms.

4. Add the list of search terms automatically after the post content or manually by editing the template.

5. Limit the search terms to be displayed.

6. Display the search terms only or automatically change it into internal linking to the blog post or search page.

7. Display popularity ( search counter ) after each keywords.

8. Automatically delete unused search terms after X days.

9. Automatically convert popular search terms into Post Tags.

10. Display most popular search terms in category archive ( courtesy of Pile )

11. Delete unwanted search engine terms & delete all search terms ( reset ).

12. Popular, Popular in Category & Recent Search Terms widgets ( you can find it on page Appearance ? Widgets ).

Bstat Search Term Tagging Plugins

Name of plugins: Top incoming search terms for this post - Plugin
Adapted from: bstat plugins
Rerwitten and bugs fixed by: Techbuzz
Functionality: Showing incoming search term tagging a user typed into a search engine to find your site. It will certainly add to your SEO performance, your website/blog visibility to search engine and thus your traffic.
Download: Download the zip file here.

How to install:

1. Upload bStat.php to plugins folder i.e. ../public_html/wp-content/plugins/--puthere--

2. It is essential that bstat_hitit be activated once (and only once) for every page load. In most themes (including the default and classic), it works perfectly when added to the bottom of the footer.php file.

3. Insert the following piece of code in your single.php

Top incoming search terms for this post

Notes: Installation guide above is also mentioned in the Read Me after you unzip the file.

Further reading: Blogging Tips and Tutorials

SEO Title for Blogsome

SEO title means, the post title precede the blog name. If your blog name is "Bingo" and one of your post title is "Marketing Vacancy" then if you open the link to "Marketing Vacancy", the browser will read like this: Marketing Vacancy Bingo; NOT Bingo Marketing Vacancy as the default blogsome title will show.

Now, how to have a SEO title in Follow this simple step:

Login into your blogsome blog -> Manage -> Files -> Index
Find the following code in the header:

{bloginfo show='name'} {single_post_title prefix=' :: '}{single_cat_title prefix=' :: '}{single_month_title prefix=' :: '}

Delete it, and replace it with this code:

{single_post_title prefix=' '} {bloginfo show='name'}

Click "Update Template".

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