Wordpress SEO for Beginners

BlogOhBlog has some important advices for beginner bloggers in self-hosted Wordpress to reach a sort of SEO ascendancy which you can download it for free directly from here (zip file).

Nara Krishna has translated it into Bahasa Indonesia here.

Google XML Sitemaps Plugins

Name of Plugins: Google XML Sitemaps
Author: Arne Brachhold

Description and functionality: This plugin will create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your WordPress blog. It supports all of the WordPress generated pages as well as custom ones. Everytime you edit or create a post, your sitemap is updated and all major search engines that support the sitemap protocol, like, Google, Bing (formerly, MSN Search) and YAHOO, are notified about the update.

Version: 3.2.4 (the latest, compatible with Wordpress upto 3.0)

Download: Download the plugins here.

How to Install:

I. How to install the easy way (recommended). If you're using this method, after successful installation, jump to step #6 to configure

II. Intall manually using Filezilla FTP Client:

1. Upload the folder into plugins directory i.e. ../public_html/wp-content/plugins/–puthere–

2. Create two blank files in notepad. First save it as: sitemap.xml. The second save it as: sitemap.xml.gz.

3. Upload the two blank files into wordpress directory where index.php is. For example, in this blog, I put both files in ../public_html/-puthere-

4. Using FTP (preferably Filezilla), righ-click the two files one by one --> File Attributes --> make it 666 -> Click OK.

5. Activate the plugin at the wordpress plugin administration page (you need to login to your wordpress admin) Plugins -> Sitemap XML -> Activate ->click.

6. Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under Settings (for WP 2.7+) -> XML-Sitemap and build the sitemap the first time. The quickest way is just click the "Click here" links at the top of sitemap admin setting (see picture #1) and let all default settings. Do the changes later if you are not satisfied with the default ones.

If activation goes well, there'll be a message like

"Result of the last build process, started on (example) September 7, 2009 7:18 pm.
Google was successfully notified about the changes..." (see screenshot #2)

7. Done.

Notes: your sitemap is successfully built if you can see the file in Example, you can see the sitemap of this blog here:

Screenshot 1 Sitemap plugins activated, but it has not been built

google sitemap plugins

Screenshot 2: Sitemap has been built

google sitemap plugins after it was built

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Arabic Virtual Keyboard

Arabic Virtual Keyboard fully serves the need of someone like me who can write Arabic but is not well-versed in using non-Arabic keyboard. After typing whatever you want to write, just copy and paste into anything, in my case, my blog post. Fortunately, it's for free.

Wp and 'wp-includes Js jquery' Error

When I try to edit a post, it loads so long and comes this error message:

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://...../wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?ver=1.2.6:11

In the wp forum I found the answer here. It worked well according to some people in the forum. I haven't tried yet though.

I found the problem with my site was that on writing a NEW post (not editing an existing one) there was a script that was loading the post meta for EVERY post-id in the whole database. In my case about 30,000 records. This killed the system. What I did was prevent the load of post meta by modifying the wp-admin\edit-form-advanced.php and removing the load of the custom fields meta.


This fixed the problem and it loads very quickly now. May not be elegant but then again neither is loading every post in the meta!

The problem with me seems in reverse. The error message occurs when I try to edit a post and add a picture in that post. No problem happens when I post a new article or edit an existing one (without adding a picture / image).

Hopefully, it'll help those who experiencing the same problem.

Hostgator turns out to be very reliable. So, since 2009 I moved all of my websites to Hostgator.

I've just purchased a domain/webhosting from Trying the cheapest package for a while, I'll upgrade it later when necessary and feeling good with it. I decided to try Hostgator instead of Dreamhost after reading this review.

Even the cheapest package (USD 4.5/month) has an amazing promise: unlimited diskspace and bandwith! Something Indonesia webhosting can't afford to do. You have more option of payment: through credit card or Paypal. If you dont have both method, you may make special arrangement by paying through Cheque.

If you want to try yourself, sign-up / register here.

Important: Before registering for Hostgator domain / webhosting, you should make up your mind if you want to pay the hosting monthly or annually. Monthly is the default choice, but if you decide to pay annually, select annual payment. It's better and easier for you. However, if you coincidentally click the monthly payment choice and you wanted to change into annual payment, you should contact the sales team at to ask for the change. I am a bit wonder why we cannot change it online.

Also, if you feel satisfied with Hostgator service, and want to upgrade into higher package, you should fill out the form in this link. Hostgator team will then email you regarding the matter.

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Free Blogger Templates Blogspot Themes 125 Plus

Bloggerbuster has painstakingly compiled 125 plus new blogger templates / themes for free to pick and download for users. Some are a wordpress-like themes. Happy downloading everyone!

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