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Fikri Rasyid of Bloggingly has picked eight Indonesian bloggers he considered as "Tokoh Dunia Blogging Indonesia."

Thanks for including me in that list for whatever reasons.

Blog Directory List to Promote Your Blogs

Content is paramount so far as blogging goes. No less important is to promote your blog contents. How bad it feels if your painstaking effort in making a good article doesn't attract too much attention.

There are at least two ways on how to promote your blog.

1. Link exchange: it's useful to have a higher Google PR (page ranking)

2. Blog submission. Submit your blog to free blog directory.

Here are the blog directory I found on the internet. A few of them requires you to put their badge / chicklet / logo in your blog, if it's the case just follow the requirements and remove them once your blog has been accepted.

List of Blog Directory Worldwide for World Bloggers. If you feel it's too much, take the first Five

There is no one Islam, but many Islams

Interesting analysis by Rami G. Khouri

... When I hear people speak about "what's wrong with Islam" or "Islam and the West", my immediate response is to remind them that there is no such thing as a single "Islam" that can be diagnosed, analyzed or engaged as a monolithic whole. The variety and dynamism of changes in Islamic societies, and in the hearts and minds of individual Muslims, is staggering these days. This is understandable, given the intensity of the degradation that many Muslim-majority societies have suffered in the past half-century of foreign manipulation, domestic mismanagement, and abuse of political power, and local deterioration of social, environmental and economic conditions.

.... It is noteworthy that the overwhelming majority of Muslims and Islamist groups has rejected the violent strategy of the small Salafist militants such as Al-Qaeda. But it is also worrying that the core grievances of both the militants and the non-violent majority are virtually identical. Salafist militants decide to bomb foreigners and Muslims alike, but most disgruntled Muslims deal with their predicament of imprecise citizenship rights in slightly incoherent and often corrupt countries by trying to lead more pious lives, while challenging the status quo and the power elite as they can.

If we disaggregate Islamic societies or Muslim-majority countries into our six categories of individuals, community, political, transnational and nationalist groups, core religious values, and a handful of extremists, we would appreciate that most Muslims and Islamist groups have responded to their individual and national predicaments with patience, rationality and non-violence....

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500 Member of Blogger Indonesia in Blogcatalog

Blogger Indonesia community forum in Blogcatalog now has reached 500. Make sure you join this forum for anything: to ask and/or help answer question; to have friendship among Indonesian bloggers and to drive traffic into your blog. Join Blogger Indonesia forum now!

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