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Create Facebook Page Username

how to create facebook page usernameHow to Create a Facebook Page vanity Username or Facebook page pretty link. Meaning, you will have a Facebook page with URL address like instead of


Facebook usernames intro and requirements
Two types of Facebook usernames
How to create Facebook Page username

I. Facebook introduce pretty link username as an option to its users to make Facebooker's profile and page easy to remember and shorter. For example, my Facebook profile used to be like, now it look like:

The requirements: All Pages you have are eligible to claim usernames if they have more than 25 fans.

II. Types of Facebook Usernames

There are two types of Facebook username. (a) Facebook profile username and (b) Facebook Pages username. If you have not created your Facebook profile username, visit the tutorial here to create one. If you come here just to know how to make a Facebook Pages username, read on.

III. How to Create Facebook Pages username

Follow these steps

After login to your Facebook account -> visit
If you have set your Facebook profile username, you'll get a notice like this: Your username has been set. Set a username for your Pages. how to create facebook page username
Click the Set a username for your Pages -> Scroll down at Page Name (if you have more than one pages) and click the Page you want to edit create facebook page username step 2
Enter the desired username in the given box -> check for availability. facebook page username pretty url
Once it's available, click Confirm. Done. Now you have a Facebook Page username.

How to Create Own Twitter Background

How to create make customize own twitter background How to create, design, customize and put your own Twitter background in your Twitter account profile


Create your own Twitter Background
Upload the Background to your Twitter Account

I. Intro

Having own Twitter background is trending now in the blogosphere. Have a look at Twitter profiles of such professional bloggers as Darren Rowse, Mashable, and John Chow, to name a few.

Customizing your Twitter background creates the sense of branding, more personal look and professionalism. Also, it could be used for promoting whatever you want to promote. See John Chow's Twitter to know what I mean.

II. Creating Twitter Background Image
Create your own Twitter background. You may use John Chow Twitter background as inspiration.

The all screen resolution is around 1600px wide by 1200px tall. But if you want to put the background on the left corner only, it's 200px or 235px.

If you are not an expert on photoshop, don't worry. You may still create your desired Twitter background image using the following free services.

Free Twitter Designer

III. How to Upload the Twitter Background Image
Once the background has been created, it's time to put it into your Twitter profile.
Follow these steps:

Login to your Twitter account -> Settings -> Design
Click Change background image -> browse your computer to add your own Twitter background.

Retweet Code for Blogger Blogspot

retweet button code for blogger blogspot
How to add install a Twitter Retweet Tweetmeme Code Button in Blogger Blogspot
  1. Login to your account -> Layout -> Edit HTML -> check Expand Widget Template
  2. Copy the following code

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetmeme_url = '<data:post .url/>';
</script><br />
<script src="" type="text/javascript">

  1. Put the code before or after this code -> <data:post.body/>
  2. Save Template. Done.
  1. Putting the code before/above <data:post.body/>will locate the Re-Tweet button at the top of the post. See live demo here.
  2. Putting the code after / below <data:post.body/> will locate the button below the post.

Retweet Button Code for WordPress

How to Install retweet button code for Wordpress using Tweetmeme
How to put Retweet button in Wordpress manually or using Tweetmeme button plugins (see picture below).
tweetmeme screenshot 2

I. Do it Manually without Plugins

After login to your self-hosted Wordpress blog -> Appearance -> Editor
Single.php -> copy the following code ->

Change the "' into your weblog address e.g. httlp:// Paste and Put the code where you want it. Click Save.
Visit index.php. Repeat the step #2 and #3. Click Save. Done.

II. Using Tweetmeme Button Plugins

Name of plugins: Tweetmeme Button
Author: TweetMeme
Download for free here.
How to Install easily
Features and Functionality:

* Live count of tweets from Twitter
* Allows you to change the source which you retweet, E.g. "RT @yourname "
* Easily installation and customisation
* Quicker loading times for the buttons
* Better integration, allowing custom titles, hashtags and URL shortner
* Removes the default "RT @tweetmeme"
* Ability to control the length of the tweets (through the new spaces parameter)
* Integrates with Wordpress MU
* Hashtag support (which are automatically taken from your post tags)
* Ability to control the length of the tweets

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