Related Posts Widget for Blogger Blogspot

Another free service that offers / blogspot users a Related Post widget is

1. Just go to

2. Enter your blog URL address in the given box

3. Choose your platform, i.e. Blogger

4. Click "Get Widget" and follow the simple steps further.

Note: It can be used for other blogging platform as well like wordpress or or


Some intro about related posts / entries service:

LinkWithin is a widget that links to related stories from your archive under each story on your blog.
Don't Let Your Past Stories Go to Waste!

We retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.
Increase Pageviews, Keep Readers Engaged

The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular story, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic.
Elegant, Unobtrusive Design

Our widget is minimally styled and blends in with your site design.
Free and Easy to Install

The widget is free and ad-free. It takes a minute to get the widget up and running on your blog, no signup required!

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Related Post widget for Blogger Blogspot

Twitter Facebook

If you like both Twitter and Facebook, you can write your latest short message / status in one of them and shown in all two. The following is a simple way to make your Twitter status integrated into Facebook's using Twitter facebook application.

Follow this simple tutorial:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Copy this link (right click -> copy link location for Firefox or right click -> copy shortcuts for IE) and paste it into the Facebook you just signed-in / logged- in.

3. Click "Allow"

4. login will pop up. Login with your Twitter account (Twitter's username & password)

5. Click "Allow Twitter to Update your Facebook Status"

6. Click "Allow Status Updates". Done.

Now your Twitter latest update status will also appear in Facebook's status.

Note: Don't forget to click application setting in this link -> Twitter, to make it appear in Box and Wall's Facebook Tab.

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Make Money from Twitter

If you're a Twitter addicts, better you do it with "style" I mean you enjoy what you're doing and make money at the same time. How? You may ask. Here's the simple how to:

1. Sign-up / register account at (aff.)

2. Integrate your account into

3. Shorten your url post using this short url tools before posting it to Now, When a user clicks the short URL, an ad will be shown in an iFrame on top of the linked webpage. You make money when users click on the ad.

Note: Referral affiliation is also available. For example, if you register it from here I'll get the credit which is 20% from everyone I refer to and it's for life.

So, register here if you're interested.

Here's some points from Revtwt'S FAQ

How do I make money on RevTwt?
You register as a publisher at and add your Twitter account information.

Then you can post Cost Per Click (CPC) ads into your Twitter timeline. When other users click on the ads you post, you get paid for each valid click. Click fraud is monitored in real time and is not tolerated.

You can also earn a fixed fee by posting Cost Per Thousand (CPT) followers ads into your Twitter timeline. You need to have the minimum number of followers specified by the advertiser in order to post a CPT ad.

In addition, you can include Cost per Action (CPA) ads in every email you sent, or post them in your forum post, blog comment, social network status update, wall post and make money from and every social conversation you have on the Internet! When other people complete an action, typically submit an email or zip code, you get paid.

Some ads are targeted to countries specified by advertisers and may not be available to you if you are not from the specified countries.

How much do I earn for each click?
Each CPC ad is different, currently ranging from $0.04 to $0.20 per valid click. Please note that only valid clicks are paid and all clicks are audited.

A valid click is a click by a real person clicking on an ad out of genuine interest and free will, and is physically in a country targeted by the ad. Clicks that are suspicious of click fraud will result in an account being red flagged or banned permanently.

How and when will I get paid?
You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal account once your earnings exceeed $20. If you submit your Paypal withdraw request before 12:59pm on Tuesday, your payment will be processed on Thursday or Friday of the same week. If your Paypal withdraw request is made after 12:59pm on Tuesday, will be processed on Thursday or Friday of the following week.

If you do not have a Paypal account, you can request payment by check. Your earnings must exceed $100 to request a payment by check. Check payment requires up to 15 days to process.

See more here. To register Make Money from Twitter click here.

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Top Ten Do Follow Social Bookmarking

Edy has an exhaustive list of 65 social bookmarking services which offer a Do Follow backlink. A nice info for a new blog that desperately needs a backlink from a good website(s).

1 – (PR9)
2 – (PR8)
3 – (PR8) (Only Blogs)
4- (PR7)
5 – (PR7)
6 – (PR7)
7 – (PR7)
8 – (PR7)
9 – (PR7)
10 – (PR7)
See the other 55 here.

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