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Realtrix has a very good hack on making Related Posts for / blogspot. It works well. This is the simple way how to do it (visit Realtrix post for more details):

1. After login to your -> layout -> Edit HTML -> Expand Widget Templates
2. Find the following code

<div class='post-body'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

<div class='post-footer'>

3. Copy this code -> <div id='related_posts'/> and put it between
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->


<div class='post-footer'> (See the screenshot)

4. Copy this code (update 28 Nov 09) There's a rule change, you have to get the following code along with a key, see the details here.

<script src=''/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

And put it precisely ABOVE </body>

5. SAVE. Done.

NOTE: The position of code number 3 might differ from template to template. The point is you should put it so that it appears in single page (that is a page when you click a particular article or blog post), not in the frontpage / homepage of your blog. See the live demo here.

Wordpress Categories and Tags Disappear

This morning, when I checked this blog I am a bit surprised to know that all categories and tags are not shown. It's disappeared. Important to note that I've not done anything (upgrading or something like that) to this blog during this past 12 hours. I then contact my hosting provider concerning this thing assuming that the problem might come from the server.

While waiting for the answer from my hosting, I search about it in wordpress forum. It turns out that the problem has taken place many times before. Take a look at the following complains:

From Carpathia

...there was no upgrade done and am using v2.5.

Earlier this week "No categories." appeared where the any actual category links had been before.

When I go to manage > categories, no categories are displayed.

When I go to Manage->Posts, all Posts are marked as "Uncategorized". When I do click on any given Post the Categories panel does properly indicate the categories that it belongs to.

I thought it was fixed after deactivating all plugins and the categories reappeared. As of yesterday, I am having the same problem again.

From Marvicbiz:

I'm experiencing the same problem with our Dutch flooring website - it's a new installation (WP 2.6.2) and I haven't run an upgrade.

One the web pages (right sidebar), the categories show "No Categories" while the tags are listed in the tag cloud (in the footer) but if you click on it, it says there are no posts.

When I log into admin, there are no tags or categories, not even on the posts themselves.

The Cause and Solution (?)
Miladinoski in this thread says it's something to do with phpMyAdmin of a particular hosting is down. If it's correct, the problem is with the hosting provider:

...I have the same problem with disappearing categories of Wordpress. This is connected to phpMyAdmin falling down and not working, and that has happened 6 times for the ~3 weeks I'm hosted here, 'cmmon guys what's so wrong with your servers, phpmyadmin is almost 30% of the time not working and Wordpress's plugins are connected to the mySQL database and when it's not working, they're not working properly either (I can't upload content, I can't auto-upgrade plugins, some plugins don't work, categories dissappear if they have been edited during the downtime of phpmyadmin and they come back after it's fixed). At me, phpMyAdmin is down from yesterday, I submitted a ticket but it still isn't resolved and I am very nerved because of that, I want my site to work at least 90% of the time as it should, I'm facing problems a lot of time I have been here, and I don't know why there are so much problems which disappear and reappear the next day or 2 days after they have been fixed.

Anyone has the better answer?

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Claiming a Blog on Technorati

Technorati ( is one of the standard bearer as far as blogging is concerned. It's also one of the biggest blog directory and aggregator. To be included in Technorati, you need to claim your blog using these simple steps:

1. Register to make account on Technorati in this link:
2. If you already joined, just login to your Technorati account.
3. After sign-in / login, Copy this to your browser and click "Enter"
4. Enter your blog URL address. Example,
5. Login to your blog. Complete Your Blog Claim by putting the code provided by Technorati into your sidebar or post / article.
6. Back to Technorati. Click "Complete Claim" on Technorati. Done.


1. You can claim more than one blogs at one account.
2. To see your claimed blog and make edit if necessary, visit this link after you sign-in/ login:

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