Quran Hadith Search Engines

Quran Hadith Search Engines

quran hadith search engine islamIf you like writing about Islam, you might want to search for Quranic verses or Hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad) as your reference. With internet technology, what you need is a click of the mouse. Gone were the days when you have to sweat it out opening some very thick books of Quran and Hadiths to find out relevant references.

Here some of Quran and Hadith Search Engines available online which are worth trying:

Probably the most comprehensive Quranic translation search engines with four English translation including Yusuf Ali, Mohsin Khan, Marmaduke Picthal and Shakir. Also available the Quranic translation in Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, French, Spanish, German, Russian. Meanwhile English translation is available for Hadith Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abudawud, Malik's Muwatta.

Quran and Hadith searches are put separately.

Google-like Quran-Hadith search engine. In this site, you may search both Quran and Hadith at one go. You have the option to search Quran and Hadith separately as well.

Only English translation by Pickthal, Shakir, Yusuf Ali are available here. While you may search English translation of Hadith Bukhari, Muslim, and partially Abu Dawud.

If you found some other Quran and Hadith search engines websites please mention it in the comment box below.

Free Lane Arabic-English Dictionary eBook

ew lane arabic english dictionaryEdward William Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary) is regarded as the best and most comprehensive Arabic-English lexicon in the world, and now the eBook format is available for FREE.

If you are a serious student of Arabic language, or anything Islam, Edward William Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon is a must have dictionary you should bring with you wherever you go. I have the print version already. Though, I am still excited to know that the ebook version (pdf format) is available and free.

Download it in the following links (in eight volumes).

- - -
Volume 1: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume1)
(372.3MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- -
Volume 2: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume2)
(441.3MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- - -
Volume 3: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume3)
(413.4MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- -
Volume 4: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume4)
(461.3MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- - -
Volume 5: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume5)
(467.8MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

Volume 6: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume6)
(244.6MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- - -
Volume 7: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume7)
(236.2MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

- - - & supplement
Volume 8: single pages OR download complete file (mirror: Volume8)
(246.7MB, .zip, right click & save target as)

If the above files do not work, please use this mirror site (provided by the University of Kent).

All of the above information is provided on a non-profit basis and for education/research purposes.


Blogger Custom Domain with CO.CC

CO.CC can be used as your domain for your blog instead of So, you may use instead of This method is called blogger custom domain. Follow these two steps:


1. Login to your CO.CC account, if you already have. If you don’t, create one here first.

2. In the CO.CC admin, click Manage Domains -> Set Up.
3. In the Host write your CO.CC domain. Example
4. In the TTL choose 1D
5. In the "Type" choose CNAME
6. In the Value write “”
7. Click “Set Up”. Done. See picture 1.

STEP 2: Now go to your

1. Login to your account
2. Click Setting -> Publishing -> Custom Domain
3. Click “Switch to advanced settings”
4. Enter your CZ.CC domain in Your Domain box.
5. Enter word verification and click Save Settings. Done. See picture 2



blogger custom domain with Free Hosting

If you have a domain in CO.CC, CZ.CC, or CO.TV and you want a free hosting to create a self-hosted wordpress-powered blog, you may try this free hosting.

Here's the details the most important of which is the monthly bandwith which is huge (400GB/month).

Name: 000a
URL Address:
WebSpace: 11,000 Mb or 11 GB
Adverts: No. Meaning, you have full control over it.
Your Ads: Allowed. Meaning you may put Adsense and others in it.
Email: POP3 email, Webmail.
Scripting: PHP.
Available Scripts: Collection.
Upload Methods: FTP, Web.
Online Editor: Basic.

Other Features:

Bandwidth limit 400 GB/month. For comparison, allows only 100GB bandiwth/month.
Automatic script installer
MySQL databases.
PHP applications installer.
Addon domains.
Website statistics.
Password-protected files.
Instant freewebspace activation.


Using free domain and free hosting services are good for practicing purpose only. Once you get used to this technology, you should step into a paid domain / hosting. Especially, if you want to monetize your blog i.e. earn some money.

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