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Side by Side Adsense Placement
How to put two AdSense ads side by side. One on the left, another on the right
These tutorial can be implemented in a self-hosted wordpress blog and in any / blogspot powered blog.


The Codes
Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog
Blogger Blogspot Blog

Here's two codes you need to place inside the wordpress theme or blogger template:

Code 1 for left side:
Adsense code 1 here

Code 2 for right side:
Adsense code 2 here

Where to put the code?

I. For Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog
You may place the code in single.php or index.php

Login to your wordpress admin blog -> Appearance
Editor -> single.php or Editor -> index.php
Click [Update File] to save the change. Done.

I. For Blogger Blogspot Blog

Putting inside Page Element
Login to -> Layouts
Page Elements -> HTML / JAVASCRIPT -> drag and drop where you want to put it
Add two codes above along with Adsense codes
Click [Saves]. Done.
Placing inside the Template
Login to -> Layouts -> Edit HTML -> check/thick Expand Widget Template
Put the two codes above + AdSense codes wherever you want.
Save Template. Done.


The two ads ideally should have the same size e.g. 250x250 on the left, and 250x250 on the right, etc.
You may put Adsense on the left, and other ads such as AdBrite on the right.

Jubelink Indonesia’s Text Link Ads

Indonesia has its own Text Links Ads called Jubelink. You may sign-up/register to be Jubelink publisher here. If you want to advertise your blog or product, you may sign-up as an Advertiser here.

Apart from a selling a link, you may also do a paid to review post with Jubelink.

Adsdaq CPM Ads

I am on the search of CPM (Cost Per-One Thousand Impression) ads service which accept a website from any countries, particularly Indonesia. First, I try Well, actually it's the first. I've tried to register at Tribalfusion and Widgetbucks before and rejected.

There's no sign-up form in the website to begin with. You only fill out the contact form to send message to the admin. So, I did.

A few days later, I got the reply, thus:


You can have your domains reviewed to be a part of the Exchange, but we will only serve paid impressions for impressions from the U.S. and Canada.



In short, any website or weblog which impression is not from US and Canada cannot join Adsdaq CPM ads.

So, I delete AdsDaq from my list. also offers other ads services such as In-text Advertising like infolinks (I'm using here in this blog) and kontera.

To refresh your mind, in-text ads is "In-text advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific words within a body of content are matched with relevant advertising content. Publishers use In-text advertising as an incremental revenue opportunity in addition to serving standard ad banner units."

Of course I'm not interested. Infolinks does the best, as far as in-text ads is concerned.

If you have website with impression / traffic from US or Canada try signing-up here. See the FAQ's here.

AdSense Alternate Ads

How to create an AdSense alternative ads using non-Adsense ads or referral program, instead of PSA (public service ads).
If you run an AdSense ads, you may have put another ads as an alternate ads in case AdSense is not able to show a paying ads. This tutorial applies only to a self-hosted blog (wordpress, movable type, joomla, etc).

The Adsense alternative ads could be a referral ads like CO.CC referral banner,CZ.CC referral, TLA (Text Link Ads), etc.


Step 1. Create a html file for the alternative ads
Step 2. Upload to the Hosting Root
Step 3. Put the link in AdSense
Important Notes

Step 1. Create a HTML File

Open a notepad [start -> run -> notepad]
Copy and paste the following code into the notepad

CO.CC:Free Domain

Delete the [ referral ads code between and ] and put your alternate code instead.
Klik Save As -> Save as Type -> All Files -> name the file as: ads.html -> click Save.

Step 2. Upload to your own Hosting

Upload the HTML file into the host root
Using Filezilla FTP Client: (a) Click Filezilla FTP Client in the desktop (see here for tutorial). (b) Connect to your cpanel
If you don't have Filezilla FTP installed, (a) Go Cpanel at (b) after login go to File Manager
Upload the html file into --public_html -> --put it here--
The link would be:

Step 3. Put the Alternate Ads Link in AdSense

Login to your Adsense account
Adsense Setup -> Adsense for Content -> Ad Unit -> continue
Decide your format -> on More Options check [Show non-Google ads from another URL]
Put the alternate link in the box Example:

adsense alternate url

Click Continue -> Continue -> Submit and Get Code -> Copy and paste the code into whatever website / blog you want to put it.
Well done and Congratulations!

See Live Demo (see Leaderboard ads at the top )


As understood from the above tutorial, the code has to be put on a self-hosted website / blog where you have access to the host root (see Step 2 #2).
However, once the alternate link was created, the code can be put anywhere even in / blogspot blog.
The size between the AdSense and the alternate ads should match. Example, Adsense 250x250, alternate ads 250x250, etc

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