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How to Increase AdSense Earning

How to Increase optimize your AdSense Income revenue earning. Part of make money online tutorial series

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How to Put Adsense in the Middle of Blog Post/Article for Blogger Blogspot
How to Place Adsense in the Middle of Wordpress Post article contents

If you are not satisfied with your monthly revenue from your Adsense PPC ads, there are two possibilites. One, your blog/website traffic is low in which case you need to learn the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Two, lack of proper placement in which case Google Adsense recommend the following position particularly in the blog post (see screenshot). The red color is where you should put the Adsense or any PPC CPC ads in this matter.

adsense placement in blog post

In the first picture (left) is the sample of Adsense position in a blog post: the three ad position are located at (i) right below post title (ii) middle of the post, (iii) below the post.

While the second picture (right) is the sample of Adsense placement at the blog frontpage/main page, the three ads are placed on (i) sidebar, (ii) below post, (iii) below post.

Is it enough? Yes. But if you want to optimize more, things to consider are: blended color, and experiment with multiple ad formats and locations. See here for more.

AuthorityBacklinks TLA Ad Program

AuthorityBacklinks is TLA (Text Links Ads) Ad Program where a publisher will earn money from selling a link space in his/her blog or website and Advertiser has to pay for a link he puts on publisher's blog/website. AuthorityBacklinks is part of Backlinks company.

If you are a publisher (having blog, website, or active in discussin forum) you have to register for this services even if you do not want to sell TLA, since it offers a very attractive affilaite / referral program in which you'll earn $75 for any single referred publisher, and $100 for referred advertiser.


How to Join as a Publisher
How to Join as an Advertiser
Affiliate/Referral Program
Visual Tutorial

II. How to Join AuthorityBacklinks as a Publisher

Visit AuthorityBacklinks registration page to join as publisher
Fill out the form -> register.
Registration is Done.
Now click Add Link Pages to add your website to start selling links

III. How to Join AuthorityBacklinks as an Advertiser
Buying links from a high PR website is a sure way to make your website / blog gets promoted in terms of Google PR and SERP. Follow these simple steps to advertise in AuthorityBacklinks

Visit AuthorityBacklinks registration page to be an advertiser
Fill out the form -> register.

IV. How to Join Affiliate/ Referral program
During promotion time from August to November 1st, 2010 you will earn $75 for any single referred active publisher, and $100 for referred advertiser. While during normal times, you will still receive $25 for each active publisher and $100 for each valid advertiser referred. Follow these steps to activate your referral program:

After login your AuthorityBacklinks account -> click Affiliate Account
Enter your Paypal email account -> click Activate
Now click Affiliate Links to put it wherever you want

V. Visual Tutorial

First, Register / Sign Up and fill out the form. Click register. And Done. Register with authoritybacklink
Now, Activate the Affilaite / Referral program. Click the Affiliate Account on the left sidebar authoritybacklink affiliate step 1
Enter your Paypal account at the box. Click Activate. Done. activate authoritybacklink affiliate step 2
Take the Affiliate / Referral Links and put it in your blog, website, signature on email / discussion forum, etc. authoritybacklink affiliate links

Google AdSense Affiliate Network

Google launches Google Affiliate Network which will supplement Google AdSense. Google Affiliate Network is Pay Per Action / Cost Per Action (PPA / CPA) ad program. Meaning, you will get paid for every time your are driving a sale or other conversion. For example, someone buy a book from the link you refer, you'll get a commission for it. The Adsense official blog has more:

Many AdSense publishers have already started using Google Affiliate Network to complement their AdSense ads and earn additional revenue.
Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign up for a Google Affiliate Network account with your AdSense Publisher ID.
2. As you soon as you're approved for Google Affiliate Network, sign in and apply for advertiser programs.
3. Follow the instructions to start displaying cost-per-action ads.

Check out our Beginner’s Guide to help you through the process of becoming a successful affiliate publisher and continue reading for the answers to our frequently asked questions.

PPA / CPA affiliate ad has never been a good idea to make money online particularly if your visitors are from non-US country since online purchasing are not part of a habit for people outside the US (and/or European country).

Thus, forget this Google affiliate program thing if your targeting visitors are outside US.

Put Adsense in the Middle of Blogger Blogspot Post

How to Put place insert Adsense in the Middle of the Post article content in Blogger Blogspot blog. Read also how to place insert Adsense in the middle of Wordpress blog post.

As mentioned here, to optimize and increase your Adsense earning, one of the tricks is to put adsense in the middle of the blog post. There are many plugins available for Wordpress blog. For Blogger Blogspot user however that's not easy.

Here's the hack how to make it happen. The code <!-- Your AdSense code here --> should be changed with your own Adsense code.

I. Hack by Max
  1. After login to -> Layout > edit html -> check Expand Widget Templates
  2. Find this code: <data :post.body/>
  3. Replace with this code: <div expr:id='&quot;aim1&quot; +'></div>
    <div style=&quot;clear:both; margin:10px 0&quot;><!-- Your AdSense code here -->
    <div expr:id='&quot;aim2&quot; +'>

    <data :post.body/>

  4. Save Template. Done.
  5. Now, everytime your write a post, put this code <!-- adsense --> in the middle of the post where you want it to appear.
Credit for this hack goes to: Max. Visit his blog for more details and further development.

II. Hack by DJ Yano
  1. After login to -> Layout > edit html -> check Expand Widget Templates
  2. Find this code: <data :post.body/>
  3. Replace it this code: <div expr:id='"aim1" +'></div><div style="clear:both; margin:10px 0"><!-- Your AdSense code here --></div><div expr:id='"aim2" +'><data:post.body/></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var obj0=document.getElementById("aim1<>");
    var obj1=document.getElementById("aim2<>");
    var s=obj1.innerHTML;
    var\x3C!-- adsense --\x3E/igm);
    if(r>0) {obj0.innerHTML=s.substr(0,r);obj1.innerHTML=s.substr(r+16);}
  4. Save Template. Done.
  5. Now, everytime your write a post, put this code <!-- adsense --> in the middle of the post where you want it to appear.
Credit goes to DJ Yano.

AdvertiseSpace Online Adverstising

AdvertiseSpace Online Adverstising works more or less like BSA (Buy Sell Ads). You register, put up the code given and wait for advertiser to advertise on your blog. The difference, while BSA gives you 75% sharing revenue, AdvertiseSpace gives you only 60%

Here's what AdvertiseSpace has to say about itself: "AdvertiseSpace simplifies the process of buying and selling banner advertising. AdvertiseSpace fully automates this process, keeping it simple for buyers while allowing site owners to focus on other aspects of their business."

If you're interested, or just curious to try, sign-up here.

Adsense Daemon WordPress Plugin

Adsense Daemon WordPress Plugin is a Google Adsense placement management control plugins. You may place the Adsense wherever you want it to be. On placement, refer to this article on how to increase your Adsense earning by placing it in properly.

Name of plugins: Adsense Daemon
Download: Download for free (zip file).
WP Page: More details

10+ pre-define display options.
Append adsense with Left Float Content
Append adsense with Right Float Content
Append adsense Before Content
Append adsense After Content
Append adsense After 1 - 10 paragraph
Append adsense with random paragraph
Display only for posts published after xx days. (configurable).
Do not display ads to users from certain website e.g, (configratable).
Do not display ads to certain post caregory e.g feature, tutorials (configurable).

BeTweeted Pay Per Tweet Adversiting Program

How to make and earn money via Betweeted Pay Per Tweet / Twit (PPT) program.

Well, it's not eactly PPT, it's more like PPC/CPC (Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click). So, you'll get paid only when (i) you tweet an advertiser link and (ii) it's clicked by your Twitter followers.

Betweeted has this three steps to say about how to make money with them: Create a Betweeted Account, Tweet about our Advertiser's Links, Let the Earning Begin! In other word, Get Paid for Tweeting About Betweeted Advertisers. However, this service is made for Twitterer from US only. For non-US Twitterer, see the list of Pay Per Tweet Ad services here.


How to Join
Betweeted Affiliate Program
Tutorial in Pictures

II. How to Join Betweeted

Visit Betweeted Sign Up Page.
Fill out the form.

Betweeted Affiliate Program

As this services is relatively new, affiliate program is not available for publisher / Twitterer.

Tutorial in Pictures

From the fill out form in the picture--where you're required to fill out your US tax data--it's obvious that Betweeted PPT is for twitterer from US only, at least for now. So, if you're not a US citizen, just forget it. Try other Pay Per Tweet ad program instead.

betweeted pay per tweet register step 1

Adcause Make Money Twitter

How to make money online Twitter with Adcause Pay Per Tweet / Twit (PPT).

Another Ad services which offer Twitterer / Tweeter to earn money from their tweet activities is Adcause. This Twitter ad services is relatively new. It can be seen from its website Alexa ranking which is at #186,000 at the time this review is written.

The company is owned by Mediafill LLC and is the brainchild of Andy Arnott. If you are a philantrophic person, it is a great way for you to either make some money, donate to causes and charities, or a little of both. Hence, the name AdCause.

How to Join Adcause
Adcause Affiliate Referral Program
Adcause Registration Tutorial in Pictures

II. How to Join AdCause

Visit Adcause Sign-up Page to Register
You'll be taken to authorize Twitter account -> login with your Twitter account -> Allow
Fill out the Adcause form -> click Sign Up.
Done. You've created Adcause account.
Create a Ad Spot at least one as offer to your potential advertiser.
Now, wait for an advertiser to advertise in your Twitter adspot.

To see Adcause registration tutorial in pictures see here

III. AdCause Affiliate Referral Program

Unfortunately, affiliate / referral program is not yet available with Adcause. So, you cannot promote Adcause and expect the benefit at the same time.

IV. Adcause Tutorial in Pictures

Sign up step 1 adcause pay per tweet register step 1
Sign Up step 2 adcause pay per tweet register step 2
Sign Up step 3: fill out the formadcause pay per tweet register step 3
The registration is done. Congratulations!adcause pay per twit register step 4

Ziddu PPD Ads Program

How to Make Money Online through Ziddu PPD Pay Per Download Program is a PPD or Pay Per Download Ads Program. Meaning, you have to upload a file to first, and then everytime someone download the file you'll earn $0.001. You need 1,000 (one thousand) downloads with different IP to get $1. It's hard to get a buck, isn't it? That's said it is very popular among Indonesian bloggers. So, the PPD program is like CPA or Cost Per Action ad program.


How it works
How to Register
Ziddu Affiliate Program
Is it Scam?

The minimum payout is $10. So, you need 10,000 (ten thousands) downloads to reach that minimum payout. But if you have a very popular downloadable file, it has the potential to earn you some decent money.

Consider the following calculation:

10000 Unique Downloads: $10
50000 Unique Downloads: $50
100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD
500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD
1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

How to Register

Follow the registration process by filling in the form.
Done. You may start uploading files and earn some bucks once someone download the file.

Note: Remember to set the payment setting which method you prefer to be paid: PayPal or Money Bookers

Ziddu Affiliate Program

Ziddu also offer affiliate program. Once you register, you'll get affiliate link and banners. You will get $0.05 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with Ziddu through your referral link and uploads his first file!

The referral link and banners are available in your Ziddu admin interface.

ziddu payment settings and referral links

Is it Scam?
The answer is no. Many bloggers has the payment proof. Just Google it.

Interested? Register here.

Magpie Pay Per Tweet (PPT) Advertising

Magpie Pay Per Tweet or Pay Per Twit (PPT) advertising program. How to make money through your Twitter Activity

Magpie is a Twitter advertising network where you will be paid for a tweet in Twitter. It's popularly called as Pay Per Twit or Pay Per Tweet (PPT) ad program. You will earn cash based on the compensation model of every published magpie-tweet.


How it Works
How to Register
How much you would earn
Minimum Payout
Affiliate Program

I. The introduction
By enrolling in Magpie PPT program, you have the opportunity to monetize your Twitter account. Magpie job is to connect advertisers with twitterers (that would be you) who are interested in the same things. Naturally, you are compensated for participating in a campaign, depending on the compensation model chosen by the advertiser.

II. How it Works

As mentioned above, you'll be paid for tweeting the sponsor ads. The cost is vary depends on the quality of your Twitter i.e. the number of your Twitter followers and the frequency of your tweets.

III. Requirement

Magpie is for manually maintained Twitter accounts with personal tweets. Accounts with automated tweets (RSS feeds etc.) do not qualify.

IV. How to Register / Sign Up

Visit Magpie -> check the I accept the Terms and Conditions (at the bottom right).
Enter your email address and choose a password -> Sign Up.
You'll be taken to Twitter login page -> login with your Twitter account -> click Allow -> you'll be taken back to Magpie registration process
Finish the process which is self-explanatory.

V. How Much you Would Earn

You would earn monthly revenue based on you number of followers and the frequency of your Twits. The more the followers you have the more cash you'll earn. Click here to test your monthly revenue forecast from this program.

VI. When to be Paid

You must have collected at least $ 50.00 to cash out. Once you've reached this amount, login to your Magpie account. You'll be asked for your PayPal details in order to transfer your earnings.

VII. Affiliate Program

You may also join the Magpie affiliate program promoting Magpie to the Advertiser. Once you are a registered member of Magpie, you'll have the chance to join the affiliate program. Click the Promote menu, and you'll get a referral link like this:

For any new Advertiser who signs up through your personal referral link, you will earn a 30% commission of our transaction fees. Not just once, but for the whole first year this Advertiser buys campaigns on Magpie!

Make Money on Twitter with SponsoredTweets

How to make money online using Twitter with SponsoredTweets. It calls itself as Twitter Advertising.

Another services that offers you money for every tweet on Twitter is SponsoredTweets. The registration is easy and the requirement is not hard to be met.


How to Register
Affiliate Program

I. Requirements

Your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old,
You have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates to be visible in searches to advertisers. (However, advertisers can still explicitly make you offers.)

II. How to Register

Sign up with your Twitter accounts.

III. Affiliate Program
Once you are registered, you may join the affiliate program.
Here's what you'll get:

When a tweeter signs up using one of your links or badges you will receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that Tweeter makes.
If you sign up an Advertiser you will earn 5% of Sponsored Tweets earnings for each transaction they make.
Note: Earnings expire after two years per referral.

Interested? Register with SponsoredTweets now!

sponsoredtweets Twitter advertising

Twittad Twitter Sponsored Advertising

How to make money online with Twitter tweet using Twittad Twitter Sponsored Advertising in Pay Per Tweet (Twit) PPT program. Twittad claims that it offers you an opportunity to monetize your Twitter stream in a fully disclosed and ethical manner. As one of the first sponsored Tweet networks, we have tweaked and modified our service over the last 2 years to provide you with the best solution for sponsored tweets.


How to Register
Minimum Payout


Twittad claims itself to be the largest and most effective form of sponsored advertising on Twitter. I don't know if this is true or just a joke. From the Alexa ranking point of view which is around 70,000, the service seems not attracted too many clients both advertisers or publishers (Twitterers / Tweeters).

Like any other PPT (Pay Per Twit / Tweet) ad program, it offers publisher to get money for promoting a partiular company (advertiser) which you have tweeted.

How much you'll get paid is based on your Twitter statistics (followers, updates, demographics).

How to Register

Sign-up to Twittad
You'll be directed to authorize with Twitter via Open-Authorization platform. Click the Authorize with Twitter.
Enter your Twitter and password -> redirected back to Twittad to fill out the form
Check the I Agree -> click Register. Done.

Minimum Payout

Payout is not sent out automatically. You have to request the withdrawal once your revenue reaches $30 which will be processed 7-10 days after you have made the request.

Make Money Twitter with Revtwt

How to make money online from Twitter through Pay Per Tweet (Twit) program with

Revtwt or Revenue from Tweets is a Make Money Online service that offer publisher (Twitterer and Facebooker) to earn money from their Twitter activity and Facebook status updates and wall posts!. RevTwt offer two types of ads: CPC or cost per click and CPT or cost per tweets

How to Register
Affiliate Program
Minimum Payout

I. How to Register

Visit Revtwt to sign up
Fill out the form and click Submit
Once you're logged in to the admin panel, do the following:
Click Twitter Accts tab to login to your Twitter account
You may add more than one Twitter account. And wait for approval before you can tweet an ads.

II. Affiliate Program
Once you are accepted as RevTwt publisher, you'll get opportunity to join the referral / affiliate program. You'll receive 20% of the earnings of for life of everyone you refer.

Login to your Revtwt account.
Click Refferral tab link affiliate program
You'll get a referral link or banner link to put on your blog or website.

III. Minimum Payout

You may withdraw the payment via Paypal once your revenue reaches $20

IV. Regulation
Read the following regulation before you start tweeting for money with Revtwt particularly #1, 2 and 3

You must not post an ad to an account that is mostly ads, including ads from RevTwt, affiliate links or any other forms of ads from any other source.
Between any two ads, there must be at least five tweets of real communication between you and your followers that are written by you and do not contain any links.
You agree to keep the ad in your timeline for at least 72 hours or you will not be paid.
Any violation of the TOS or the above terms will result in your account being banned and your earnings being forfeited and returned to the advertisers. CPM Ads

How to make money online via CPM shortened link ads program

I joined a shortened-link cpm ads program called few weeks ago. It's easily approved. And it's not bad. The most import, it's not scam.


How to Join
Live Demo How Works Affiliate Program Payment Proof

I. Introduction

What's is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened links. How this works is actually quite simple. First, you shorten your links with site, and then you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. handle the rest by showing an ad before the shortened link loads. Each ad that is shown earns you money! promises that you'll earn more than $2.00 / 1000 visitors to your links. But wait. Conditions apply. The mouth-watering $2.00 CPM is if the traffic come from a particular country: North America. See the rate details.

Traffics from other countries not mentioned specifically in the list, you'll earn $0.25 - $2.00 for interstitial ad and $0.06 - $0.22 for top banner ads.

Interstitial ads is higher in revenue than top banner ads. If you have a respected personal website or blog, however, I recommend you to use Top Banner Ads instead of interstitial one as the former is less intrusive.

II. How to Join

Here's the Simple Tutorial to Join

Fill in the registration. See the sample below
sample registration form
Click Submit (Don't forget to check th "I agree the Terms & Conditions".
You'll get a notice like this: We have sent an email to, please click on the confirm link to activate your account within 3 days.
Check your email, click the activation link to confirm. Done.
You'll get a Welcome message of approval. Now, you may log-in using your credential (email and password) and start making money through shrinking link.

III. Live Demo of Interstitial Ads and Top Banner

To know the different between Interstitial Ads and Top Banner Ads see link below:

Live Demo Interstitial Ads
Live Demo Top Banner Ads

IV. Affiliate Program

Once you are approved, you may join affiliate program. And you'll get 20% of the earnings of your referral for life.

Intrested? Register or join here.

V. Payment Proof is up to its promise. They paid their publishers.

Less than a month after I joined, it sent me a payment via Paypal. Proving that is not scam.

Also, your earnings are automatically paid out on the first Monday of each month once you have earned $5.00 USD.

Have a look at the screenshot (click to enlarge) payments proof

Infolinks Affiliate Program

How to join Infolinks Affiliate Program. A make money online tutorial series.

If you are an Infolinks publisher, you may also join Infolinks affiliate program. Unfortunately, there's no link inside the Infolinks admin dashboard which can get you into joining the Infolinks affiliate program.

So, to register as an Infolinks affiliate program, you may do it manually by sending an email to Infolinks support team asking them your intention to join the program.

The email address are:

I think, Infolinks should make the program more open by offering an online self-service registration. It'd be better for publisher and save more time for Infolinks staffs.

How much a Publisher will get from Infolinks Affiliate Program? has this info:

For each publisher Joining the Infolinks network through clicking your personal referral link, you will be entitled to one-time referral fees of up to $1,000 per new publisher, as follows*:

Small Publisher – $25 (up to 10,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)
Medium Publisher – $100 (up to 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)
Large Publisher – $1,000 (over 100,000 average net Infolinks page impressions per day)

Here are a few rules for you to get paid from them -

Publisher’s traffic must have at least 30% from the US. If the publisher has less than 30% of traffic from the US then affiliation fee will be 30% of the sums described above.
The new publisher must be actually new (and not in previous contact with Infolinks or related to any of the Infolinks publishers).
The referral member should remain as a fully active Infolinks publisher with an average of at least 300 daily net impressions for a minimal consecutive period of three months.

How to Increase Infolinks Revenue

How to Increase Infolinks Revenue. A Make Money Online tutorial series.

Infolinks is a in-text / in-line text PPC advertising company which any publisher i.e. blogger can combine with AdSense in one place. Here's the tip to optimize the CTR (click through rate) of infolinks and thus increase your revenue/ income from it. Do not have infolinks account yet, register here for free and follow step by step tutorial here. and come back here for more guide.


Infolinks Admin Setting
Your Blog Setting
High Paying Keywords
Infolinks Related Tags Cloud

I. Infolinks Admin Setting

Login to your infolinks account -> Integration Guide -> Advanced Integration Wizard
Set links highlight color similar with your blog link color
Set the Choose underline to Dotted
Max Allowed Number of Highlighted Links per Page -> set to 12
Content Category -> set to something relevant. If you have various topic blog, set to business.
If you put infolinks in multifple blog, check the Apply these settings to all of my websites. Click Save. Done.

II. Your Blog Setting
Infolinks link should appear only inside the post / article. To do this, you need to block infolinks from appearing in other parts of your blog i.e. Sidebar, Header, Footer, etc. Follow these steps

Login to your blog admin
Add this code where you want to block / disable infolinks from appearing
Add this code where you want to enable infolinks

Note: if you run a self-hosted Wordpress blog, you may use official infolinks plugins where you'll have the option in which place to enable and disable the links display. (1) Download infolinks wordpress plugins here for free (in a zip file). (2) Upload and Activate. (3) Go to Settings -> Infolinks Setting to make a necessary setting.

III. High Paying Keywords
You need to use high paying keywords inside the post/article since some keywords will pay high amount and some may not. Of course, the keyword should be relevant with your posts. Remember to use only 3 or 4 high paying keywords embedded nicely in a post. Otherwise, you'll get penalty from Google and other major search engines. Here's the Adwords highest paying keywords you may use for infolinks too.

IV. Related Tags
Related Tags could potentially increase the visitor to click the infolinks ads and hence the additional revenue.

The Infolinks algorithm will choose the best keywords on the page and display them as tags within the Related Tags cloud. When a visitor hovers over the tags, an Infolinks advertisement bubble will appear, and each click will award your account additional revenues.

Note: I haven't tested this Related Tags yet.

Add the following code where you want the Infolinks Related Tags to appear

Screenshot of how Infolink Related Tags result look like

infolinks related tags

Casale Media CPM Ads

I submitted an application to be a Casale Media publisher on June 21, 2010. On June 22, I got a letter saying that my website was not accepted as Casale Media's publisher. The reason could be that the majority of traffics are not coming from English based audience, USA and Canada. Actually, Casale Media requires only 25,000 unique visitor traffics a month of which this website has more than enough. The problem is with the origin of the traffics.

About Casale Media

Casale Media® is a CPM based advertising company which specializes in site representation via banner, rectangle, tower, hover, and pop up ads. It's a Canadian online advertising network, headquartered in Toronto.
It is a global leader in online media technology, focused on serving the needs of advertisers, website publishers, and web users. Our innovations in advertising and online media management have made us one of the largest display advertising networks in the world and our brand is widely recognized in the online media arena. Thousands of premium third-party websites make up our network, across which we deliver over 30 billion advertisements every month to users all over the globe.


Here's the rejection letter

Dear A. Fatih,

Thank you for your application to the Casale Media network. Following a detailed review of your site, Make Money and Blog Tutorial, our admissions group has found that it is not currently compliant with our network acceptance criteria. As a result, we are unable to approve your site for ad delivery at this time.

We thoroughly review all publisher applications, subjecting every site to the same scrutiny, and we reserve the right to decline any application. Some of the specific acceptance criteria required as part of our program exists because we believe that it helps to ensure advertising quality and performance for both our publishers and advertisers.

As we grow, our network program may expand to include sites with a broader range of content. We recommend that you
resubmit your application in 3-6 months for re-evaluation.


Admissions Group
Casale Media

ValueClick Media CPM Ads

How to make money online with ValueClick Media CPM Ads and how to get accepted and approved or rejected.

I submitted an application to be a ValueClick Media publisher few weeks ago. Just curious if this blog got approved. For you information, ValueClick Media (formerly, FastClick Media) is a CPM (Click Per-One Thousand Impression) based ads solution services. If you are a publisher of a CPM ads, you'll get paid for every thousand impression/views.

Back to my application, a few days later on June 15, I got a response from them thus:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for applying to join the ValueClick Media Ad Network. We have reviewed and appreciate the time and effort you have invested to create a quality environment for your visitors. However, we are unable to approve your site as a publisher on our network at this time. We very much appreciate your interest in our company and wish you best of luck in your endeavors.


ValueClick Media

So, ValueClick Media did not approve this blog to be its publisher. There's no clear reason or explanation as to why it was rejected. My quess is that, it's something to do with the most traffics this blog come from. Because ValueClick Media does not require a lot traffics. It's said, 100 visitor a day is enough to be approved as its publisher. Certainly, this blog has a lot more than just a hundred visitor per day.

So, another possibility is that ValueClick wants majority of traffic come from North America. Most CPM ads services want traffics which exclusively or at least mostly come from North America i.e. USA and Canada. If it's right, then this blog is not qualified for that. There are some CPM ads services which require a certain number of traffics to be accepted as their publisher, TribalFusion is one of those companies who require a very high traffic.

About ValueClick
ValueClick is a Westlake Village, is A CPM CA-based online advertising company, which provides online advertising campaigns and programs for advertisers and advertising agency customers in the United States and internationally. It operates in four segments: Media, Affiliate Marketing, Comparison Shopping, and Technology.

So, there's no clear reason why I was rejected. But according to a thread in a digitalpoints forum, ValueClick does not accept a website which have the following criteria:

1. Produce, provide or link to: adult content, sexual content, profane content, illegal drugs or related content, hate speech or hate graphics content.
2. Engage in, promote or facilitate illegal or legally questionable activities such as pirating, hacking, spamming and infecting
3. Are hosted by a free service, are personal home pages, provide free URL redirection, or do not own the domain they are under
4. Are under construction
5. Sponsor "incentivized clicks," or “pay-to-surf" programs, or use resident desktop objects such as bars and window frames
6. Use timed banner rotation or other "auto-loading" methods
7. Consist mostly of forums (chat, message boards, etc.)
8. Have more than two 468x60 banners per page, or an excessive amount of advertising in general
9. Distribute or promote spyware
10. Contain non-English web pages
11. Generate less than 3,000 page views per month

I am not sure which point this blog fits the criteria so as to make the ValueClick admin rejected my application.

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