Infolinks PPC Ad Program

Infolinks PPC Ad Program

How to Make money online with Infolinks PPC / CPC (Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click) ad program using in-text advertising technology.


How to Join Infolinks
Infolinks Affiliate / Referral Program
Payment Proof
Step by Step Tutorial in Pictures
How to Increase Infolinks Revenue

I. Introduction

This in-text or inline text technology is used also by Kontera, Clicksor, Adbrite, and some more online ads services. What's in-text advertising?

In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of your website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears.

Compared to, is a lot better and easier to join. It pays higher than Kontera. Infolinks, just like Kontera will pay you via paypal every month provided your earning reaches $100.

The flipside of infolinks is "it will issue payments for a given month no later than 45 days after the end of that month. Payments for November, for example, will be issued in January."

II. How to Join Infolinks

Visit Infolinks sign up page to join as Infolink's publisher.
Fill out the registration form -> click Continue
Done. You'll get a script, copy paste the script into your website template as instructed.

III. Infolinks Affiliate/Referral Program

Affiliate or referral program is also available with Infolinks with interesting benefit. However, you will not find any affiliate or referral link in your infolink admin interface. You have to request it manually. Visit this tutorial for more deails.

IV. Payment Proof

Infolinks has paid all its publisher every month without much fuss. Once your revenue reaches $100 or more, you'll get paid without any need to withdrawal request. Just like Adsense does. You'll be emailed once the payment has been sent to your via Paypal

If you have any doubt, however, here's a payment proof Infolinks has paid me.

infolinks payment proof

V. Infolinks Registration Process in Pictures

Fill out the form infolink registration process step 1
Your infolinks account has been created. Copy / paste the script provided into your blog infolink registration process step 2, like (TLA), is selling simple text link ads. Publishers who join this program have to put a plugin in their blogs in order to make this ads works and runs. That's why publishers have to have a self-hosted blog with minimum PR 1. This easy requirement is good alternative compared to its counterpart i.e. TLA which requres at least PR 4 besides many other unrevealed requirements making it impossible for newbie blogger to participate as TLA publisher.

Like TLA, affiliate program is also available in

You will be paid $100 for each advertiser that you refer who buys at least $50 per month in text links. You will be paid $25 for each publisher that sells at least $5 in text links using our service.

Interested? you may register here.

Via Muhibudi

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