Indonesia Educational System should create Entrepreneurs, Not Job Seekers

"Students should be encouraged to create jobs instead of looking for ones" says Presiden Sby. Couldn't agree more with President SBY on this. Don't forget, however, that encouragement should not come only from the educational system, it also should come from the parents of the students. Thus, educating the parents is no less importants too.

How many young talented Indonesian who have wasted their entrepreneurship talent only to be a PNS (pegawai negeri sipil or public servants) because of their parents 'indoctrination'?

Vivanews has more

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on National Education Minister to revise the Indonesian educational system starting from kindergarten to senior high school.

"A proper way should be designed to avoid the students from aiming only at final marks," he said on Thursday, Oct 29, in Jakarta.

According to Mr Yudhoyono, the old methodology will not improve the zest and innovative thinking of the students during 12 years of their study. "Should the method is improvised, we could in the future encourage them to create jobs instead of looking only for one," he said.

To Write Honestly

Rismaka has an interesting article that in order to be a good and professional blogger you have to write with a good and honest intention.

Indonesia's Crime Modus Operandi Blog

Modus Kejahatan seems having a lot of resources to tell his readers about modus operandi (MO) of some crimes in Indonesia. Written in Indonesian (would be better if written bilingual) this blog can be a good hang out to those who wanted to know everything crimes: street crimes, theft, robbery, etc. Especially important for Indonesian who stay abroad and want to come home or foreigners (expats) in Indonesia.

I suspect the blogger is a police officer himself. A good way to share information.

Do Follow Plugins for Wordpress

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Google Profile

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