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Make Money with Docstoc DocCash

docstoc adsense revenue sharingMake extra money online through AdSense revenue sharing program with Docstoc DocCash program.
In short,, is a free online file sharing provider. If you know, you know Docstoc. The difference is Docstoc gives you money sharing it gets from Adsense for traffics which come to Docstoc from the files you have uploaded. This revenue sharing program is called DocCash. And the revenue share is 50:50.

This is what Docstoc offers

Want to make extra money with the documents sitting on your computer? Join our DocCash program and we’ll split (50/50) the advertising revenue from all of the documents you upload to Docstoc. All you need is a Docstoc and a Google AdSense account to join.

So, if you like uploading many files in, you'd better be moving to Docstoc from now on.


Go register on or register to DocCash program first.
Join DocCash program for revenue sharing
You'll be asked to enter your last 5 digit of your phone number and PIN number associated with adsense. Don't worry, just enter them.
Check your Adsense account., you'll be asked to grant access to Docstoc. Click Grant Access.
Update your DocCash status. Done.
Now, start uploading your file and promote them wherever possible.

About Docstoc:
Docstoc is the premier online community and marketplace to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides the platform to upload and share documents with the world, and serves as a vast repository of free and for purchase legal, business, financial, technical, and educational documents that can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded.

Wordpress Posts and Pages Disappeared

When posts and pages in your self-hosted wordpress blog are disappeared, it's all due to the crash in the MySQL database. Read on to fix it.

Suddenly, five thousands more posts/articles and all static pages disappeared in one of my self-hosted wordpress blog. Don't panic! I say to myself. That's not the work of a hacker. The first thing I do is to email Hostgator, the webhosting service where I hosted the blog. While awaiting the respond from them, I made a quick search on similar occurrences. And it turns out this things did occur quite few times in self-hosted wordpress blog. Not so clear which to blame: wordpress or the host. The important is you should fix it quickly.

The best thing to fix it is by asking your hosting provider to fix it for you.

Just in case they don't want to do it, you can do it yourself by this simple steps:

Login to your CPanel which located at
Go to MySQL Databases
Select Wordpress Database
Click Repair. Done.

Hope it works.

Update: The problem has been fixed by my host provider. They said, my website has experienced crash in MySQL database. And it's been repaired.

Further Readings: Forum

Blogger Custom Domain in Rumahweb

How to set Blogger Custom Domain in Rumahweb. You buy a domain without hosting in and want to be hosted at instead. Is it possible? Yes.


Setting in Rumahweb Domain Cpanel
Setting Required in

STEP ONE: Setting in Rumahweb Domain Cpanel

Login to your Domain CPANEL at
Domains -> List all Orders -> click domain you want to edit
Click DNS -> click Auto-update Nameservers
Click Manage DNS -> click CNAME Records -> click Add CNAME Records
Fill out the boxes as follows:
Host Name: www
Value: (check the second button)
Click Add Record. Done.

Note: You will need to allow a 24-72 hour propagation time for the DNS service to begin working.

STEP TWO: Setting Required in

Login to your account
Click Setting -> Publishing -> Custom Domain
Click “Switch to advanced settings” -> enter your top domain. Example:
On Use a missing files host? -> check NO
Save Settings. Done.

rumahweb blogger custom

Free Blogger Blogspot Template Generator

blogger blogspot templates creator generatorHow to create a Blogger Blogspot templates the easy way without html / php deep skill? The simple answer: create online using free template generator.

Agus Ramadani alias O-om compiles four Blogger Blogspot template generator websites which you can use to create Blogger Blogspot templates online for free. Useful for creative mind with lack of html / xml capability.

Here's the list:

PsycHo - psychogenesis
Page Column Layout Generator
Trix Blogspot Template Generator

How to Make Money Online Sucessfully

Have a vision!, says Daniel Scocco of Dailyblogtips.

If you want to have success, whether it is online or offline, you need to have a crystal clear vision about what you want to accomplish. You need to believe in that vision, and work hard to achieve it no matter what obstacles are going to appear along the way.

The opposite of having a vision in making a living online is by doing opportunistically without any clear direction which will lead you to total failure

What is the opposite of having and strong vision and working to achieve it? Acting opportunistically, and that is a problem that I see with many people trying to make a living online.

When you act opportunistically, you will jump from project to project, from business model to business model, trying to make money in whatever ways you manage to discover. Sometimes you will also put principles and ethics aside to catch those “opportunities.”

How to be Accepted as Clicksor Publisher

I tried my luck to be Clicksor publisher using a Bahasa Indonesia website/blog. As expected, the submission is rejected.

Some important points from the Clicksor's rejection response can be used as the key to get accepted as Clicksor publisher:

A blog / website should have more than 5,000 pageviews.
From that amount of pageviews, a blog / website should have at least 50 % traffic from Canada, United States and United Kingdom.
Should be a self-hosted website / blog. NOT free one.

The good news is you still can join Clicksor's affiliate program from which you may earn 10% from someone you refered. Register here if interested.

AdBrite PPC and In-text Ads

Adbrite is one of the oldest ads services besides AdSense which offers all publishers, big and small websites and from any languages, to earn additional income from their site now known as monetization.

I used to get checks twice from Adbrite for earning I got. Check?! Yes, Adbrite will pay you via check and check only! No paypal. No western union (like Adsense). And that's the exact reason I quit Adbrite couple of years back. And when I just checked Adbrite a moment ago if there's a change on payment method it uses it turns out a big no no. From Adbrite help center:

At this time, AdBrite offers payment by check only. The check will be mailed to the address listed on the account and issued in US dollars. When registering your account, we recommend setting your minimum check amount accordingly, as foreign banks often have fees associated with depositing checks issued in US currency. We are constantly evaluating options and services to better the marketplace experience. Any introduction of alternative payment options will be announced as we would like all AdBrite users to participate

Having said that, if you insist to try Adbrite, you may register here. I recommend you to set the payment limit at least $100 or $150 because check below $100 cannot be cleared in Indonesia.

If you have an Indonesian website or blogs Adbrite have several advantages:

It accepts a non-English speaking websites / blogs
It accepts a website with 'lonely' traffics.
It has two type of ads: (1) Text and banner ads like Adsense and (2) In-text ads or inline ads*, as Adbrite call it, like (see live demo in this blog) or Kontera. I intend to try this one for my non-English blogs as infolinks does not accept a non-English blog for now.

Sign-up or register adbrite here (aff).

* Inline ads or in-text ads definition according to Adbrite:

Inline ads are text ads that appear only when your user hovers over selected keywords that are double-underlined on your site. No HTML formatting is necessary to start showing inline ads on your zone(s), just pop in our code and you're done.

A maximum of 8 words per page and no more than 1.6% of eligible text will be highlighted.

Other Ads Services from AdBrite

It's called Full page ads: means a full-page ad shown in-between the pages of your site. In another word, It's also called pop-up or pop-under ads. The CPM pricing of this program is good. Some say around $4 CPM (per-thousand pageviews). However, be careful to implement this ads on your personal website. This kind of ads is considered obstrusive and distract readers. Use with your own risk.
. Making Money via Twitter

If you have a twitter account with many followers or just a few, you still can make money through a Twitter advertising company called

You set the price and once an advertiser is interested to put an ad in your tweet, you'll earn money. For how much? It depends on how much price you have set. John Chow said once that he got USD 2,000 (yes, two thousand US dollar for one tweet ads!)

Interested? Register here.

Etology Advertising: PPC and Ads Netrworks

Etology PPC Ads Netrworks

If you don't feel like using AdBrite as an alternate to your AdSense ads, Etology could be your other choice to earn more money when Adsense ads is not available. Or you can even put Etology side by side with AdSense without worrying it would be against AdSense TOS (Term of Service). Since the system is different. While Adsense sells contextaul ads, Etology sells targeted ads which oftentimes uncontextual. As far as I am concerned, Etology pays better than AdBrite. Better even, Etology pays you using Paypal, unlike Adbrite which still stick to pays you with check.

Here are some brief FAQs about Etology for publishers like you:

How do I get started?

The first thing you want to do as a seller/publisher is to register your website by first signing up for our free membership. After creating an account, you can register your website under the “Publisher Dashboard” after logging in the first time. Click on “Add A New Website.” Fill in the required information and our site review team will review your website to make sure it complies with our guidelines. *Note: For site description, it is recommended for sellers/publishers to write as detailed a description of their site as possible. This will provide a quick summary of what your site is about and will allow advertisers to see if your site would be a good fit for them.

How much will I get paid for my traffic?
This depends on the origin of the traffic. At Etology, we currently have a 3 Tiered pricing model, with Tier 1 traffic as the highest paying. The pricing varies per tier depending on demand for viewers from a particular region.

The traffic origin is what counts so if you have users originating from our Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 network, publishers will be paid 70% of the price set for the region.The Tiered network pricing is a variable rate and changes as Etology continues to grow and new advertisers participate in our program.

Tier 1 Countries United States, North America, & United Kingdom

Tier 2 Countries European Countries: Germany, France, Italy

Tier 3 Countries Vietnam, Turkey, India

When do I get paid and what are my payment options?
Our minimum payout is set at USD$50 dollars. All publishers are eligible to be paid by check, PayPal, and Epassporte. We also offer Bank Wire as a payment option with a USD$500 dollar minimum payout and an additional service fee of $30. Etology payments are typically sent on the 25th of the month schedule; this means that payments are sent twenty-five (25) days after the last day of the month when you have reached the minimum payout amount.

For your initial payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you once you have exceeded your minimum payout regarding your upcoming payment. US publishers will receive payments by check unless they specify Etology Credit. International publishers are required to respond to that email informing us of their preferred method of payment before payment is sent out.

Once you have received your first payment, you will receive payment on the scheduled pay period according to the payment method listed in your “My Account” page.

We do not have the option to choose payment method using the Etology system at the moment.

What happens if my Banner Ad Space is unsold?
If banner ad spaces do not have a direct ad campaign running, network banner ads will be cycled through the banner space. Network ad clicks will be CPC based on legitimately registered clicks. CPC pricing varies depending on location of the user as well as the ad cycled through the banner space.

Interested? Register here!

Yahoo Publisher Networks (YPN)

Yahoo Ads Publisher Network (YPN) program has opened its beta version. It'll be competing with many other pay per click (PPC) programs partiularly Google AdSense.

To be able to compete with Google Adsense, however, YPN is still long way to go. Or, in other words, it does not want to compete with Adsense for this time around.

Look for example at its beta version now. YPN just want American publishers, not others. Not you, non-US residents. Here what YPN requirements in the sign-up form:

To be considered for the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program, please enter your information below. Participants of the program must have a valid U.S. Social Security or Tax ID number, and web site content that is predominantly in English and targeted at a U.S. user base. Yahoo! will contact you about your eligibility to participate and about availability of the program.

Yahoo! Publisher Network does not wish to be associated with certain types of content, behavior and/or products. Please refer to our Content Guidelines for a list of content types that we will not serve ads to.

Apart from that, YPN seems to have similarity in terms of quality content a publisher should and should not have to be eligible as Yahoo Ads publishers:

Yahoo! Publisher Network Content GuidelinesYahoo! Publisher Network does not wish to be associated with certain types of content, behavior and/or products, and will not accept sites that contain this type of content. This includes, but is not limited to:Adult-oriented content
Violence, excessive use of vulgar or obscene language
Excessive, duplicate or competing advertisements
Content related to human suffering or death
Copyright or trademark-sensitive products such as MP3 downloads, DVD backups or bootleg items
Weaponry, ammunition, fireworks or explosives
Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
Propaganda, potentially offensive or controversial content
Defamatory, libelous, threatening or other material that advocates against any individual or group
The sale of body parts or bodily fluids
The sale of hazardous substances
Political, religious or charitable organizations, issues or causes
The sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products
Hacking, surveillance, interception or de-scrambling equipment
The sale (or facilitated sale) of prescription drugs
The sale of counterfeit or stolen items
The sale of government IDs or police items
The sale of alcoholic beverages
The sale of products from any of the following countries: The Balkans, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, The Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe

The last point is interesting. Don't you think?

Chitika Alternate Ads

Note: You may use this html code to be an alternate ads on Google Adsense too.

If you also run an online ads with Chitika, you may have put another ads as an alternate ads in case Chitika is not able to show a paying Chitika | Premium ad (for example: traffic from non-accepted countries or non-search traffic). In such an event, the Chitika system will redirect to the URL you specify.

How to specify an "alternate URL"?

You can add this line to the code (anywhere after the line with ch_client but before the line with /script):

How to set an ad code as an alternate URL?

1. Open a blank document in Notepad or any other simple text editor.

2. Paste your alternate ad code into the file. NOTE: use proper HTML coding for the page - use the following template as a guide:

3. Save the file as a .html file (something like ad.html). You will need to set the "file type" as All Files.

4. Upload the file somewhere on your site and copy the URL of the file.

5. Insert this code into your Chitika code and make sure the address of that file is correct in this line of code:

ch_alternate_ad_url = "";

Courtesy: Chitika Inc

Clicksor CPM CPC CPV Ad Program

clicksor make money online internetHow to make money online with Clicksor CPM / CPC / CPV (Cost Per 1,000 impression / Cost Per Click / Cost Per Visit). Clicksor is online advertising company which offers webmaster and bloggers to earn money by showing ads in their websites or blogs. It can be an alternative for Adsense especially for website which languages are not supported by AdSense, because now Clicksor support Bahasa Indonesia as well for some ads formats such as Inline Text Link, Pop Under, Inter-stitial ad, Msg ad (see screenshot at the bottom).


How to Register with Clicksor
Clicksor Affiliate Program
Type of Ads Format
Requirements to be Clicksor Publisher
Step by step tutorial in Pictures

The ads program can be in the form of text ads, graphical banners, interstitial ads and pop-under ads.

The ads system is using pay per click (like AdSense), pay per view and pay per visit.

II. How to Join Clicksor Publisher

To be a Clicksor publisher`is easy. Create a Clicksor account.

Register with these simple steps:

Visit Clicksor registration page to create Clicksor account.
Fill out the form -> Submit
Your account has been created -> click Continue to step 2
Add your wesite -> click Add
Enter relevant keyword of your site/blog -> click Add
Site or blog in pending status. Wait for 3 business day to get approved or rejected.

Note: even if your site is rejected, you may still available to join the Clicksor Affiliate / Referral program.
For step by step tutorial in pictures see here.

III. Clicksor Affiliate / Referral Program

Affiliate or referral program is also available with Clicksor publisher. Once you successfully created a Clicksor account, you may join the affiliate / referral program even if your websites or blogs are not approved to be Clicksor publisher. You are eligible to earn 10% commission of daily earnings from referred publishers and daily advertising spending of referred advertisers.

Create Clicksor account first (see the tutorial #II above) or if you have already an account, log-in with your user id and password
In Account Management -> click Referral center -> Publisher / Advertiser -> get referral links
Put it in your website / blog, email signature, or wherever you want to put it.

IV. Types of Ad Formats

Text Links
Image Ads
Flash Ads
Animation Ads
Banners Ad
Pop-unders or Pop-up Ad
Interstitial Ads (NEW)
Dynamic (DHTML) highlighting or In-Text Ads / In-line Text Ads

V. Requirements to be Clicksor Publisher

Notes: Now non-English blog, like blog written in Bahasa Indonesia, may join Clicksor ad program for particular ads format such as Pop-up ads, interstitial ads, in-text ad. Not all ads format.

Participating sites must have 5,000 page views per day or 150000 page views per month.
Site must be in English written content.
Participating sites must not be a personal or free hosting websites.
Participating Sites cannot be used for software trading (warez).
Participating Sites must not contain or link to any forms of illegal activity (i.e., how to build a bomb, hacking, 'phreaking', etc.)
Participating sites cannot be proxy sites or contain link(s) to such service.
Participating Sites cannot participate in or transmit inappropriate newsgroup postings or unsolicited e-mail (spam).
Participating Sites cannot be under construction, incomplete or contain little original content.

Update: nowadays Clicksor has changed its policies to be more open to publishers with fewer traffics. You may try your luck by register here.

Tutorial of Clicksor Registration Process in Pictures

1. Fill out the formfill out the form clicksor signup step 1

2. Step 2 Account has been created. Write the username and password down Account Created clicksor signup step 2

3. Adding Website / Blog add webstie blog clicksor signup step 3

4. Enter relevant keyword of submitted website / blog clicksor signup step 4 enter website blog relevant keywords

5. Done! Your site / blog in pending status waiting for Clicksor review clicksor signup step 5 waiting for clicksor review

Meanwhile, you're now logged-in to the clicksor admin management. You may edit the payment information (using Check or Paypal) and taking Clicksor referral / affiliate link.

6. Where you'll find Clicksor Affiliate / Referral Program clicksor referral affiliate program

7. Ads format available with Clicksor non-English website / blog, including Bahasa Indonesia (see the checked ad format) clicksor non english ads formats

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