How to Install Wordpress Plugins

How to install a wordpress plugins the easiest way?

Since Wordpress version 2.7 until now version 2.9.2 3.0, installing a wordpress plugins cannot be easier. You don't need an FTP client, nor do you need to login to your web hosting Cpanel. There's no need to download a plugins to your hard drive in a zip file, then unzip it and upload it to your Cpanel. Those complicated methods are things of the past. Because now, you can install it right from your wordpress admin interface.


Using Search Interface
Upload from your Hard Drive PC

I. Using Search Interface (See Pic 1)

Login to your self-hosted wodpress admin.
Plugins -> Add New -> Search plugins you want to install. Example, enter WP Super-Cache and click Search Plugins. install plugins by search inside wordrpess blog admin
Click Install Now once the plugins is shown. install wordpress plugins by search step 2
Activate it, once it's been installed. Done. activate wordpress plugins

Since this facility available in Wordpress, I hardly download any plugins to my hard drive. I just search it through [Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Search] interface. It's more practical and save a lot of space of my hard drive. Hopefully, it saves yours as well.

II. Upload from your Hard Drive PC (See Pic 2)

Download the plugins you want to install. Keep it in zip file. Do NOT unzip it.
Login to your self-hosted wodpress admin.
Plugins -> Add New ->Upload
Browse the zip file of plugins -> click Install Now. (Remember, the plugins should be in Zip file)
Activate it, once it's been installed. Done.

Firefox 3.6 Download

Firefox 3.6 codenamed Namoroka Alpha 1 (beta) is available for download.

I just install it and will give a review later.

I hope it'll be better than Firefox 3.5.3 which crashes all the time. FF 3.5.3 really disappoint me and disappoint many others.

I got the warning after installing thus:

Note: The Namoroka Alpha 1 build you are using is NOT A FINAL VERSION of Firefox, it has been made available for testing purposes only, with no end-user support. If that sounds scary, you'd probably be better off with the latest version of Firefox that you can download here.

Meaning, if you feel ok with Firefox 3.5.3 you'd better wait for the final release of this 3.6 version.

Firefox Crashes

Update 18 Oct 2009: After trying Firefox 3.6 for a while and experiencing the same crashes, I downgraded again to FF 3.5.3. I reset the previous setting and removed all previous add-ons and extensions (Google Toolbar, Alexa Sparky, Fireshot, Abduction, etc).

The result is amazing. I no longer face those annoying crashes. I don't use any Firefox extension now except Searchstatus which function is to know Google PR, Alexa rank of websites you're visiting.

In hindsight, I thought Google toolbar or Alexa Sparky or both that caused the Firefox crashes in my case.


When your Firefox windows closing unexpectedly it's called Firefox crashes.

I experience this quiet often especially after I upgraded into FF 3.5.3 (the latest version).

Some possible causes and comprehensive solutons can be found here include:

ExtensionsProblematic extensions may cause crashes.
Plugins are programs that work within Firefox and allow you to experience multimedia content such as video, animation or sound
Other installed software
Crash when downloading. Try clearing the download history. In the Firefox menu, go to "Tools -> Downloads" and click "Clean Up" (Firefox 2) or "Clear List" (Firefox 3).

More details

Alexa Rank: #1 Google #2 Facebook #3 Yahoo

If you have an Alexa Rank installed in your browser, you'll notice a change for the top ten ranking as follows:

#5. Windows Live
#6. Wikipedia

Among the top ten, the most phenomenal sites which reach unexpected rise (and fortune) are Youtube and now Facebook. Only few days back that I saw Facebook was in number 3. If the Facebook phenomenon continues, it can be the Google successor at #1 very soon.

Alexa is an online tools which rank is based on a website's traffic. The more the traffic you gain, the less the number.

Although you can "game" Alexa rank easily as I wrote here and here, the trick can't be done in such a massive scale. In other words, the Alexa top ten sites still has much credibility.

Simple 301 Redirect Plugins

Name of Plugins: Simple 301 Redirects

Author: Scott Nellé

Simple 301 Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. It's especially handy when you migrate a site to WordPress and can't preserve your URL structure.

It's also useful and important if you wanted to change the preferred domain, such as, from into

Download for free here (zip file)

After uploading and activating the plugins, just Add redirects on the Settings > 301 Redirects page.

AdSense Now WP Plugin

Name of plugins: AdSense Now!

Author of plugin: Manoj Thulasidas

Main functionality: putting your AdSense code in up to three spots in your posts and pages (both existing ones and those yet to be written).

Other features:
# Enforces the Google policy of not more than three ad blocks per page.
# Simplest possible configuration interface -- nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code.
# Option to suppress ads on all pages (as opposed to posts), or on the front/home page., category/tag/archive listings.
# Control over the positioning and display of AdSense blocks in each post or page.

Download here for free

How to install:

1. Upload the AdSense Now! plugin (the whole adsense-now folder) to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
3. Go to the Setup -> AdSense Now! and enter your AdSense code and options.

See the screenshot below

adsense now plugins
adsense now plugins

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