How the Fatih Syuhud Way plays

Jan 8, 2007
Every world has its own star. So it also goes for the world of Indonesia's blogosphere. I would undoubtedly pick A. Fatih Syuhud, a researcher-turn-blogger, to be an Indonesian top blogger. This guy has made a significant achievement: Inspiring and encouraging many Indonesian bloggers to blog.

He is now accomplishing his PhD program on Islamic Studies in New Delhi, India. Syuhud entered the blogosphere almost three years ago. He's not so much a pioneer or veteran blogger as a rising star.

He has a unique approach to hit the country's blogosphere: Encouraging Indonesian bloggers to blog in English. He explained:

I'd love to see many more Indonesian bloggers blog in English, the most widely understood language in the world. So that the world knows and understands more about Indonesia by reading anything written by Blogger Indonesia

He has also been a role model for the teenage blogger. Syuhud doesn't just post tips on how to blog in English or how blogging in English will benefit us, he also writes a weekly post in his blog entitled Blogger Indonesia of the Week. His key criterion is simple: The blog should be in English. Then he shortlists quality content or the blogger's role in promoting blogging cultures and habits.

As a researcher and political scientist, he also writes many interesting posts on Indonesia's political discourse as well as the problems faced by the Muslims in the world. He mainly blogs about this in a prominent citizen journalism blog, Global Voice Online.

His recent post is a New Year gift for Indonesia's blogosphere. This Indonesian ambassador blogger wrote the Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006.

He admitted:

It's interesting to note here that in the early stages when I started this feature, it was really hard to find any good English-speaking Indonesian blogs. So much so that I needed to blogwalk from blog to blog to find one or two links to another good blog.

One year after, however, I saw the turnaround: I've been facing difficulty, sometimes dilemmas, to prioritize which good blogs I should review--and promote--first!

Of course, he didn't put his name in the list although he really deserves it.That's why I wrote this special post to appreciate his tirelessly efforts and struggles to promote the Indonesian blog.

And he should not walk alone. I hope many Syuhuds will come, promoting and creating much quality content on the Net. The future blog will surely rely on content, content and content.

That's how the Fatih Syuhud Way will play.

I have become more convinced that in the near future Indonesian content, along with the fast-growing content of other countries in the region, will color and shape the face of the region's blogosphere.

Author: Budi Putra

Popular Post Widget for Blogger Blogspot

This blogger widget is called Popular Post or Most Viewed Posts or Most Popular Articles --whatever you want to call it-- will show the most viewed posts / articles of your blogger blogspot blog. It's best put at the sidebar of your blogspot blog.

How much posts will show depends on your setting. It could be 5 or 10 etc.

How to install:

1. After login to your, click Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML / JAVASCRIPT

2. Insert (copy & paste) the following code into the box :

<script type="text/javascript">
start_views_num = 5;
limit = 7;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

3. Click Save. Done.

Indonesian President SBY Website Launched

Finally, Indonesian current President SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudoyono) launched his own website. The first of its kind. It's a bit similar with a blog equipped with podcast, RSS feed, although without comment box. So, you can put it into your My Yahoo, or Google Fusion if you want.

The site contains anything relating to the President activities: from his own speeches on various occasions, interviews and news, including his SMS number, PO Box, and guestbook (I've tried the guestbook, it's not working). Predictably, it'll be a hit in no time.

It's published by Spokes-person presidential office who seems to be recruiting some journalists to feed and update the news regarding the president activities covered by the media on daily basis.

Unfortunately, most content in Bahasa Indonesia and there're few in English. My suggestion to the maintainer of the website: it'll be much better if all the content also translated into English for the benefit of non-Indonesian readers.

In the introduction, it's reiterated that the website's purpose is for the benefit of the public not for president personal interest. Either way, the website's launching is need to be applauded. Every public officials moves, especially of the highest rank, that leads to sort of transparency deserves to be appreciated. Congrats Mr. President!

US image slips further worldwide

WASHINGTON: The global image of America has slipped further, even among people in some countries closely allied with the US, a new opinion poll has found. Favourable views of the US dropped sharply over the past year in Spain, where only 23% said they had a positive opinion, down from 41% last year.

It was done in 15 nations, including the US, this spring by the Washington-based Pew Research Center.

Other countries where positive views dropped includeWhat I'd like to say is that I barely found any Indonesia media which have feed/RSS version of their websites. I come to know that annoying stuff when today I wanted to put a feed of Indonesia and world newspapers headline in the sidebar of this page. I remember only Media Indonesia which has feed/syndication, but it turns out to be invalid! So, how and why? It's impossible the media webmasters and the boss don't have a clue about the feed things; and/or it's unlikely they (webmasters) are too 'busy' to do that.

So, why? Some possibilities: (1) The editors or managerial board do not consider it as necessary from business point of view ; (2) The webmaster also don't tell the managers about how important it's to "feed" their website to beef up the traffic and popularity; (3) They're all aware of this simple technology but simply dont want to do it on the ground it'll decrease the ads revenue.For whatever reasons, I consider it as unreasonable. And for the time being, while waiting for a valid feed from mainstream media come to exist, I put BBC feed for international news and an Indonesian mailing list feed for Indonesia news. You can see it in the sidebar below the Amnesty International badge. It's updated almost hourly. So, it's nice to blog and wink at some breaking world news. India (56 %, down from 71%); Russia (43%, down from 52 %); and Indonesia (30%, down from 38&%). In Turkey, only 12% has favourable opinion.

Bali Ask Playboy to Go

There is an interesting story in Detik online today regarding the Playboy Indonesia (PI) which just shifted its office from Indonesian capital Jakarta to Hindu-dominated and tourism-destination province of Bali. Community leaderships rejects the Playboy to have an office there! And the reason is more interesting: they dont want Bali to be branded as a porn-loving island!

Bali dignitaries who voiced their reservation over PI are mostly the big wigs including Head of Bali tourism I Gede Nurjaya, Head of Religious affairs I Gusti Made Ngurah, and Head of Bali Culture Nyoman Nikayana, Head of Hotel and Restaurant union Cokorde Ardana Sukawati, and from academicians are Prof. Dr. Putra Agung and I Dewa Ngurah Swastha. All are member of Pemerhati Bali (Bali Observer).

Mr. Swastha said that PI does not suit the Balinese culture and society and therefore will not bring any benefit and it's against the teaching of Hindu religion and social life of Balinese who based their philosophical life to Tri Hita Karana.

Made Ngurah said that the name Playboy is identical with pornography. While Nurjaya is concern over the content of PI will be similar to that of Playboy published in the US and elsewhere.

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