Free Wordpress Theme for Adsense

Mashable has collected 11 sources for free wordpress themes specifically made for ads / blog monetization. If you happen to wonder why you monetization efforts didn't work the way you expect, one of the mistakes could be the way you choose themes/template for your blog.

Ad placement plays a very significant role to get more CTR (click through rate) as far as PPC ads (eg, Adsense) goes. Also, personal ads with 125x125 style getting a lot more boost and will attract more advertiser to buy your space with your conducive blog theme design.

Lack of personal advertising offer, thus, has the bearing with the not-so-conducive theme design. Check Mashable picks of 11 very attractive ads-ready theme design to start maximising your blog revenue.

AdSense for Content in Thai Language

An exciting info for Thai AdSense publisher:

...we're now excited to let you know about the launch of AdSense for content in Thai. If you're a publisher with a Thai website, you'll now be able to earn money for valid clicks and impressions for Google ads on your site.

One deservedly wonders why Thai adsense publisher gets earlier opportunity to Adsense for content than Indonesian publisher? Is it because Google Adwords has a lot more Thai advertisers than Indonesian? Or is it because Thai publisher more 'trustworthy' or TOS compliant?

SEO Title for Blogger Blogspot

We need a wordpress plugin to make a SEO[1] title in our self-hosted wordpress blog and along with it a price. Since we cannot make it until we have our own domain, which is not free. For those blogger / blogspot users, however, you can do it just by a little tweak in the edit-html admin panel.

First of all, there are two types of the so-called SEO title, one is a link post that stands before a blog title / name if it's seen through the browser window. Second, a link post that stands alone. When you open a link post, the blog title is not there. Blog title or blog name is shown when one opens up the main homepage.

The first example (post title first, blog name second can be found here. It's seen in the browser thus: Eight Months Baby | Newborn Baby Blogger (post title first and blog name comes second).

The second example can be seen in this blog. If you click this link, you'll see the title Wordpress 2.7 Wish Lists without a blog title after it. Which one is more SEO friendly? I am not sure, some say the first while other say the second. Regardless, I like using the second type in this blog; while using the first type for some other blogs.

The more important thing for blogger / blogspot users is that you can make both types of SEO titles easily using this following simple tips (after login to your admin blog, click Layouts -> Edit HTML -> check "Expand Template widget"):

A. Post title first, blog name second:

1. Find this tag:


2. Delete and replace with this code:

<data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>


3. Don't forget to click SAVE.

Credit for this code goes to Jackbook

B. Post title only (blog title not shown)

1. Find this tag:


2. Delete and replace it with the following code:



3. Click SAVE.

Credit for this code goes to Blogbuster

P.S. The tips works for new blogger / blogspot (xml); not for old blogger (classic template)


[1] SEO stands for search engine optimization a term used among webmasters and bloggers on how to get higher SERP (search engine result page). Some believe that there are ways to 'tweak' your websites / blogs, to get satisfactory SERP the most important of which including, but not limited to, high PR (Page Rank), getting a backlink from a good site (meaning, a higher PR website which is equal or higher than your own), and "posting title management" as discussed here in this post.

Common Ground News

If you want to be a world op-ed writer and feel confused as to where to send your articles, is the answer. The procedure is simple: write a 700-words article and submit it here. If your piece found to be eligible to be circulated by the Common Ground News or CGNEWS editors, you'd find your writing published everywhere around the world and not only in English since your op-ed will also be translated into many languages, including Bahasa Indonesia.

Where does CG News get the fund from?

CGNews was launched with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other funding for CGNews has come from the European Commission, the British, Canadian, Danish, Norwegian, and U.S. Governments, the Arca Foundation of Washington, DC, the United States Institute of Peace, the National Endowment for Democracy, Rational Games and private donors.

CG News is gaining popularity nowadays because it 's well-run and-- no less important--well-funded. Moreover it's relatively has a good intention as far as Islam - West relation goes.

Articles which will be taken into account are those which:

Provide constructive and solution-oriented perspectives;
Promote dialogue and cooperation;
Encourage peaceful and non-violent means to resolve conflicts and ease tension;
Express constructive self-criticism;
Highlight positive experiences between communities and nations that humanize the other and offer hope;
Highlight organizations and people working for a better regional and global environment;
Interpret information, events, polls and analyses in ways that encourage rational, moderate and positive thinking.

Good intention of global dialogue (West -East) is really the need of the hour. But merely good intention is not enough without involving various elements which are closely related to those goals. Fortunately, it's something the persons behind CG News is fully aware of and that why we can see the multi-polarity of its editors.

The CGNews board of editors comprises individuals in Amman, Beirut, Geneva, Jakarta, Jerusalem, Toronto and Washington, with extensive knowledge of the Middle East, Muslim-Western issues and a "common ground" orientation.

For those who used to send their English articles to the Jakarta Post, it's time for you to consider sending them to CG News for a lot wider audience.

Last but not least, if you'd like to write on Islam and the West topics don't forget to read the terminology in Muslim-Western Relation rules of the thumb.


If you want to seriously contribute for CGNews, read at least three or more articles already published there to have a clue of what kind of style and angle of analysis that CGNews want us to submit.

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