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Free Wordpress Blog with AdSense[Update 10 Dec 2008] is no longer free. Read here for more., a free blog services using the latest wordpress blogging platform with 100,000 plus users has just announced a surprising offer: now you can put the juicy AdSense code, indeed any javascript code, into your sidebar widget. One who loves blogging, loves latest wordpress utility with its Google friendly interface, loves free blog services, and loves making money online can just put these many attributes in one words: Sign-up, and you'll just get what you want. I've already had an account in but it's mainly for back-up purposes. But now I may change my mind.

Actually there are already two popular free blog providers that offer javascript-enabled wordpress namely and Unfortunately, both are never upgrading their wordpress software into the latest version which make them look very "old."

In its official blog, wrote:

After lengthy discussions and weighing up of the pros and cons we’ve decided to allow javascript, iframes and object code onto Edublogs.

This means that you can now just copy and paste pretty much most ‘embedding’ code you can pick up around the web directly into your Edublog.

How to

Just in case you are a newbie, what you need to do (after signing-up) is just to activate the sidebar widget, use the text widget and fill it up with any javascript code including AdSense, shoutbox, marquee, and anything javascript. Not only in text widget though. You can put it in the posts or Pages too. For any / blogspot users you now have a real choice for whatever blogging purpose you have in mind.

For posts and pages just click on the ‘Code’ tab and paste the code in there. For sidebar widgets just create as many Text Boxes as you need...

Advantage Edublogs.Org

One plus point of Edublogs, among other free wordpress blog providers--even compared to its unlimited import capability. While limits importing file to 2GB maximum, you can import however big the file may be to That's why I encourage Indonesian bloggers to back their blog posts up to for any eventualities both for free blog users or self-hosted blog.

Other AdSense (Javascript) enabled Free Wordpress-powered Blog Providers
you tell me...

How to Create a Favicon

Did you see a little image to the left of my address url in your browser? It's called favicon. Favicon can only be installed in a self-hosted blog / website or in a free blog / website where user is allowed to access the template such as / blogspot. Now, however, allow bloggers to use favicon too with specific way. See the how-to here for favicon.

Here's how to make a Favicon and Install it into Blog / Website

1. Create a favicon image online by uploading any image from your computer here. Click the "Generate Favicon ico."

2. Name it favicon.ico and save it to your computer.

3. Upload the saved favicon into your website locate it at the same place with index.php (it applies to self-hosted wordpress) or index.html, or index.asp. In my case, I uploaded the image into

4. Insert the following code in your blog or website header. In the case of self-hosted blog, put it in theme header:

5. Save. And done.

Favicon technical definition:

Favicon (pronounced fav-ai-kon) is short for 'Favorites Icon.' A Favicon is a multi-resolution image included on nearly all professional developed sites. Within Internet Explorer and Firefox the Favicon is displayed on the Address line and in the Favorites menu. The Favicon allows the webmaster to further promote their site, and to create a more customized appearance within a visitor's browser. Often, the Favicon reflects the look and feel of the web site or the organization's logo. See for example the Favicon of this website where I use my own picture.

Young Woman and Drugs

Woman and DrugsDrugs, like alcohol and smoking, connotes more to men bad habit. Particularly in Indonesia, the term "bad man" stands for a person who has at least these following bad habits: drinking alcohol (including drugs and to a "lesser extend" smoking), gambling, womaniser, etc.

But a survey reveals that such bad habit as taking drugs is no longer dominated by men.

A survey by the Edinburgh-based drugs agency Crew 2000 found that a quarter of women questioned said they had taken amphetamine or ecstasy, while almost half had used cannabis and more than one in five had tried cocaine.

The survey, reported in the Scotsman newspaper, also said

10% had taken ketamine - an anaesthetic used by vets - 18% had tried hallucinogenic mushrooms and more than 55% had smoked.

The figures for men were lower, with about 15% admitting to taking amphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine or magic mushrooms.

What does this survey mean? It could mean anything depends on the eye of the beholder.

Arabic-English Dictionary Free Download

Arabic-English Dictionary kamus arab indonesia Free DownloadI need a free download Arabic-English dictionary which is comprehensive enough to cover both classical and contemporary / modern Arabic, something you won't always find in every Arabic-English dictionary.

I found the VerbAce Arabic-English dictionary 2008 is up to my expectation. Free download is what everyone want. And VerbAce is a free software.

For Indonesian, you also can donwload for free kamus Bahasa Arab-Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia - Arab here. And kamus Bahasa Inggris - Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesia - Inggris here (also for free).

The Arab-Indonesian dictionary is not so comprehensive, if there is a techno geek who can convert the VerbAce into Arabic-Indonesian it'd be a lot better.

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