Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

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This is a list of keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla Firefox.
Command Shortcut
Back Alt+Left Arrow
Forward Alt+Right Arrow
Home Alt+Home
Open File Ctrl+O
Reload F5
Ctrl +R
Reload (override cache) Ctrl+F5
Stop Esc
Current Page
Go to Bottom of Page End
Go to Top of Page Home
Move to Next Frame F6
Move to Previous Frame Shift+F6
Page Info
Page Source Ctrl+U
Print Ctrl+P
Save Page As Ctrl+S
Zoom In Ctrl++
Zoom Out Ctrl+-
Zoom Reset Ctrl+0
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Delete Delete
Paste Ctrl+V
Redo Ctrl+Y
Select All Ctrl+A
Undo Ctrl+Z
Find Ctrl+F
Find Again F3
Find As You Type Link '
Find As You Type Text /
Find Previous Shift+F3
Web Search Ctrl+K
Windows & Tabs
Close Tab Ctrl+W
Close Window Ctrl+Shift+W
Move Tab Left
(when tab is focused) Ctrl+Left Arrow
Ctrl+Up Arrow
Move Tab Right
(when tab is focused) Ctrl+Right Arrow
Ctrl+Down Arrow
Move Tab to Beginning
(when tab is focused) Ctrl +Home
Move Tab to End
(when tab is focused) Ctrl+End
New Tab Ctrl+T
New Window Ctrl+N
Next Tab Ctrl+Tab
Ctrl+Page Down
Open Address in New Tab
(from Location Bar or Search Bar) Alt+Enter
Previous Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Ctrl+Page Up
Undo Close Tab Ctrl+Shift+T
Select Tab (1 to 8) Ctrl+(1 to 8)
Select Last Tab Ctrl+9
Bookmark All Tabs Ctrl+Shift+D
Bookmark This Page Ctrl+D
Bookmarks Ctrl+B
Caret Browsing F7
Downloads Ctrl+J
History Ctrl+H
Clear Private Data Ctrl+Shift+Del
Error Console Ctrl+Shift+J
Complete .com Address Ctrl+Enter
Complete .net Address Shift+Enter
Complete .org Address Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry Del
Toggle Full Screen F11
Help F1
Select Location Bar Alt+D
Select or Manage Search Engines
(when Search Bar is focused) Alt+Up Arrow
Alt+Down Arrow

How to Create CO.CC Free Domain

How to create a free domain in CO.CC.. A step by step tutorial to create a CO.CC free domain.

Once you have registered a good name of your choosing, you can make it as domain for your (i), (2) a domain for your and (3) a domain for free webhosting like and others. For CO.CC tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia see here.


How to Register / Create CO.CC domain.
How to
Manage CO.CC as Redirect / URL Forwarding
Manage CO.CC as Blogger Custom Domain
Set Up CO.CC as Domain Mapping
Set Up CO.CC as Domain for free or paid Self-Hosted Blog
CO.CC Affiliate Program
Payment Proof

I. How to Register a CO.CC Domain
Follow these simple steps

1. Visit CO.CC Registration (click)
Enter the name you want to have as domain address in the box. Example, (see picture)

2. Click "Check Availability". If your chosen name is available, proceed further by clicking "Continue Registration". If not, repeat the process using another name.

3. 4. Click “Create an Account Now” located at the bottom.

5. Fill out the form. Don't forget to check the box at “I accept the Terms of Service”

6. Click “Create an account now.”
7. The registration process is done.

Now, you need to set up the domain to be redirected as you want it. The easiest is URL forwarding.

Here's the functionalities and features available which you can set up with your CO.CC domain. The domain you created is inactive until you set up using one of the following options.

II. 1. CO.CC as Redirect / URL Forwarding

1. Click “Set-up”
2. Check the radio button #3 i.e. URL Forwarding.

3. Fill out the website / blog URL as the redirection target. Example,

4. Click “Set Up”.
5. Come notice like ”Your change has been submitted.” Cick "OK'
6. Done.

II.2. CO.CC as Domain, as Hosting (Blogger Custom)
CO.CC can be made as Blogger Custom Domain in which you may integrate your blog as hosting and CO.CC as domain.

For step by step tutorial, visit How to Create Blogger Custom Domain with CO.CC. For the same tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia visit Cara Setting Domain CO.CC dengan Hosting Blogger Blogspot.

II.3. CO.CC as Domain, as Hosting (Domain Mapping).
CO.CC domain can also be set up for domain mapping. Meaning, you may integrate your blog as a hosting with CO.CC domain as its domain.

For step by step tutorial in Bahasa Indonesia, visit Cara Buat Domain Mapping dengan CO.CC.

II.4. CO.CC as a Domain for a self-hosted blog

If you want a self-hosted blog, your CO.CC domain can be a domain of a free web hosting services or paid hosting. Just add the NS (name server) of the hosting of your blog in CO.CC admin. And you're all done.

For hosting references, both free and paid one, see link below:

Free Web Hosting services
Top 30 Paid Web Hosting Services

III. CO.CC Affiliate Program

Once you have an account in CO.CC you are eligible to join the affiliate program as well. Just put the referral link or banner into your website or blog.

CO.CC affiliate program will earn you $ 0.10 for every new registered domain your refer. And you may request for withdrawal once your enaring reaches $ 1.00. Yes, one US dollar. No kidding.

To register or sign up for CO.CC Affiliate program follow these steps:

Visit CO.CC Affiliate program
Fill out the registration form.
Once the process was done, you'll have referral link and banner to be put into your blog and wherever you want.

IV. Payment Proof affiliate program payment proof

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