Fatih Syuhud in Koran Tempo

I used to be interviewed, especially by BBC (Indonesia), everytime they need a commentary on particular events in India. I also write occasionally and published in several print media (mostly Indonesia newspapers). So, I'm not too alien on this stuff. But all aforementioned publication and interviews are on matters that relating to my field of study.

So, I'm a bit 'surprised' when a journalist from Koran Tempo interviewed me through email a few days back to profile me as a blogger. :)

I'm excited with the interview which's published today (in .pdf) or you can read it in Budi Putra's blog here in case you feel more comfortable reading a blog.

I'm glad that what I'm campaigning for all along--ever since I started blogging around six months ago--got recognition, for the first time, in a print media which means the message will echo and spread in much wider horizon.

For Budi, thanks for helping me get the message across.

Chrome Google's Internet Explorer

Chrome to Google is what Internet Explorer to Microsoft. Yes, you are right. Chrome, a web browser, is the newest google product intended, as people might say, to compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer dominance.

Can Chrome do it? The more important thing for us, the users, is not about which's winning what . Having more options to browse and hence, as Google says, to "add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web" is a lot more substance.

Update 3 September 2008: In my place, Indonesia, the link download to Google Chrome has started appearing in (see the picture) right below the search inbox. Or you even can download it free from here.

Last but not the least, what does Chrome literally mean? As this word will be one of world most frequently used English word, it's necessary for you to know at least how to correctly spell and pronounce it. Here's a peek from dictionary about the meaning, pronunciation and definition of Chrome although it may have nothing to do with reason Google pick the name for its web browser's product:

From Collins Essential English Dictionary 2nd Edition 2006


n chrome [kroum]

an alloy of chromium and steel used for car-fittings etc.

From The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003.

chrome (kroum)



a. Chromium or a chromium alloy.

b. Something plated with a chromium alloy.

2. A pigment containing chromium.

tr.v. chromed, chrom·ing, chromes

1. To plate with chromium.

2. To tan or dye with a chromium compound.

[French, from Greek khroma, color (from the brilliant colors of chromium compounds).]

Some critical reviews and news on Google Chrome:

Google Mule
Serious Security Flaw in Google Chrome
Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw
Chrome captures 1% market share in just nine hours

Export Import in Blogger Blogspot

Update February 21, 2009: All export/import and embedded below-post-comment are now out of beta. So, you can directly login to, instead of, and do export /import or setting below-post comment. ***

Google's Blogger / blogspot doesn't want to be lagged far behind its competitor. It seems willing and trying hard to improve its performance as per the end-users feedback. The embedded-below-post comment inbox is now on the trial--not officially released yet, though you're encouraged to try it.

Another project in the pipeline is export import facility. For now you can export files from blogger/blogspot blog and import them to another blogger / blogspot. Well, it cannot be imported to another blogging platform such as wordpress yet. But it's a big step nevertheless.

How to Do it

1. Login to your admin through
2. Click Setting
3. Click Export -> export blog to your computer.

Once it's done the file is ready to be imported. You just need to repeat the same process:
1. Click Setting
2. Click Import
3. Click Browse to exported file in your computer
4. Click Import Blog (don't forget to check the "Publish all entries automatically)
5. Done.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

I have no problem opening this blog in the morning using Firefox, but there is a surprising message when I used Internet Explorer 7 thus:

Operation aborted. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

I email my hosting provider just in case the error came from there. In the meantime I also try manually by removing one by one some javascripts from third party.

And finally I found the culprit: it's sitemeter javascript that cause all that mess. Just in case you're having similar problem, remove the sitemater javascript at least for now until they fix the problem. You may also need to remove any other javascript from the third party if it doesn't work.

That's being said, if the solution doesn't resolve your problem, you may need to look into this article.

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