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Facebook Like Wordpress Plugins

How to install Like button in self-hosted Wordpress using Like plugins

Name of plugins: Like
Author: Bottomless
Functionality: Let your readers quickly share your content on Facebook with a simple click. It uses the new Facebook Like button released on Apr. 21st 2010.
Download: Download the zip file here for free.
Other features and configuration read here.

How to Install

NoFollow WordPress Posts Plugin

How to have a nofollow option in Wordpress blog posts editor, the most practical answer is install NoFollow Plugin For Wordpress Posts

NoFollow Plugin For Wordpress Posts will create a nofollow option in Wordpress built-in visual editor (TinyMCE) giving you easy choice whether to do-follow or nofollow a link you link to.

Name of plugins: nofollow-post
Author: Bankbedsnow
Description: Adds nofollow capability to Wordpress built-in visual editor (TinyMCE)
Download Link:
Compatibility: Should work for Wordpress 2.1 - 2.6
I have tested for Wordpress 3.0 and it still works.
Installation: Read the easy installation wordpress plugins guide.

Or Follow these simple steps

Download the plugins zip file above.
Now, login to your self-hosted wordpress -> Plugins -> Add New
Upload -> browse to the zip file above. -> click Install Now
Activate it. Done.

Now whenever you write a post and insert a link, you'll see the nofollow option provided the post editor is in Visual mode. See picture below.

nofollow option in post link

Meta Refresh Redirect

how to create meta refresh frame redirectHow to create and make Meta Refresh Redirect to move visitor from old blog to the new one within specified time frame.

Supposed you used to have a popular blog in Blogger Blogspot. Now you are moving to a self-hosted Wordpress powered blog. You want to retain the Blogger Blogspot blog. But at the same time you want to send its visitors to the new blog. The solution: create Meta Refresh Redirect. This redirect will redirect the visitors from the old blog to the new one within time you set.

Example, I have a blog in I want all visitor from this blog to be redirected to after 10 second the visitor stay in the old blog. Here's what to do.

Follow these simple steps

Login to your account -> Design -> Edit HMTL
Put the following code between and

Save Template. Done.


In the content="10; means after 10 seconds the visitor will be redirected to the new site / blog. You can change the time frame as you like.
This tips can be done in any website / blog you have access to the header such as Blogger Blogspot and Blogsome. You cannot do this to as you don't have access to edit html in the header .

Submit Blog Website to Google News

How to submit a website or blog content to Google News and what's the technical requirements to be accepted.

Being accepted in Google News is a sure way to get a free big traffics of visitors (at least 10,000/day) coming to your blog without much efforts.

Google picks up manually what content to be included in the Google News. That's said, you may suggest your content and send them your URL to be reviewed and considered for inclusion.

Things you need to understand and to save your time is that to request to be included in the Google News your blog need to have the following criteria:

First, orginal and quality content. Meaning, a content which is written by yourself and have a merit and quality to be included in the prestigious Google News. A copy/pasted blog should never waste time to submit to Google News.

Second, regularly updated. News is a fast moving entity. You need to update your website regularly to be considered in Google News.

Third, many authors. Your blog or website should be written by many authors to differentiate between a personal blog and news blog/website.

If you feel your site or blog have the above criteria, read the following points for technical requirements.

Wordpress Sticky Post

sticky post wordpress
How to Create Sticky Post in Wordpress

Some readers who don't know much about how Wordpress work think that I rarely update my blog. The reason is two of old articles keep appearing in the frontpage namely Ten Reasons Why We Blog in English and English Media in Indonesia. Those two posts/articles are called sticky post. A post which is set to be sticky post will show on the frontpage for as long as you want it.

Here's a simple step to make a sticky post (You can use two options)
Option 1

After login -> Posts -> Edit -> Choose a post / article -> Click "Edit" on the post you have chosen
On Visibility: Public -> click Edit
Check "Stick this post to the front page" -> OK -> clik Update. Done. (see picture 1)

wp sticky post

Option 2

After login -> Posts ->Edit -> Choose a post / article ->clik Quick Edit
Check the "Make this Post Sticky" -> Update Post. Done. (see picture 2)

wordpress sticky post quick edit


Sticky Post is used when a blogger think that a particular post / article is important and wants it to be on the frontpage a little longer.
Option 1 may also be used if you decide to make a sticky post at the time you start writing a post. Use steps #2 and #3.


Apart from implementing Sticky Post in my frontpage, I also use Sideblog Wordpress Plugins (also called, Asides, Miniblog, Sidenotes plugins) to make some of my posts are only showing in Sidebar i.e. in the Top Recent Stories (right sidebar). The reason why I used Sideblog is explained here:

...when I am not in the mood to write a long post or article, I write in the Sidenotes or Sideblog with a link or two to other blogs or websites. Likewise, whenever I found a nice link which I don’t have time to read now yet it’s too important to miss or just to share the link with readers, I save it in the Sidenotes. There are times when I write a long article (more than three paragraph) but I just don’t want it to appear in the frontpage for a reason or two, so I use this method.

So, if you want to know the latest article I write in this blog, just check out the right sidebar titled LATEST ARTICLES. You'd find what the newest post/article I've just written.

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