Religion, Peace and Violence

Envy is Humane

Religion, Peace and Violence

Is religion cruel and drive someone to resort to violence instead of peace? Yes, an atheist who are bored to be religious might say.

One should not forget that an urge to go to violence is here within one's heart. And human has a tendency to justify whatever one does to hide one's true intention. And what the most legitimate reasons other than the reason of religion?

Hence, history witnessed the religion's based ware in the Europe. Now, many terrorists, who claim to be Muslim, wage the war against anyone who doesn't accept their ideology.

Anyone who cannot make peace with himself will always try to wage violence with or against others to satisfy his lust of doing violence acts. With or without the name of religion.

Sometimes life is unfair, you might think. You work harder just to see your deservering efforts end up in failure. While you saw success often happen to people near you who work less than you did. So, you'are envious. Life is unfair, you thought.

Envy is humane. It's been there inside the heart by default since you're born. Envy is not bad as far as you can control it and use it as a trigger to motivate you work harder and smarter. It can backfire against you, if you let it run on its way.

Since, success is not as the result of hardworking alone. Various factors contribute to a success or failure including, but not limited to, right strategy, good plan, deep vision. All in all, smart is the key along side the hardwork.

Qadhafi's Death and Tyrannical Mind

You must have known the biggest news all these few days: that Muammar Qaddafi the Libya's dictator who ruled the country for 42 years was dead and was killed and apparently tortured.

He had been torturing some of his people during his uncontested rule. Power tends to corrupt your mind. To dictatorize you. To cruelize you. That happens not only to Qaddafi. This also happens to people--the Libyan fighters-- who have the chance to see him hiding in the drainage tunnel. When the people has the power to do whatever they like to do to Qaddafi, they become cruel and sadistic to him just as him to them.

That is the power of power. Unless, you can control you mind. And there's someone watch over your footstep.

Working Hard and Smart

Many people working hard, very hard but not smart enough. So much so that they wasted many of their precious time exerting their energy to earn something not worth doing.

That's what I was saying to some audience this morning. I feel that what I preached found the echoes in what I've been doing so far to some extent.

There are some area where I feel so stupids for not having a clear vision of what I've been, are, will be doing. I think it's not so late to make the change. First, make a careful, thorough and clear cut vision on those "things". Second, do it based on those blueprint.

Hope, I can make it sooner than later.

Who Will be the Next Indonesian President?

Indonesia's parliamentary election has just ended. If the quick count result are to believe, the PDIP party comes out as the winnter followed by Golkar and Gerindra. The candidates from those three big parties will also compete for presidential election come 9 July 2014.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Abu Rizal Bakrie (ARB) and Prabowo Subijanto (PS) are the presidential candidates who offically stated the intention before the 9 April parliamentary election. That's said, they have not yet declared who will be their running mates to be their would be vice president.

Who will come out as the winner and be the seventh Indonesian president? Many would say, Jokowi has a bigger chance to win the race followed by Prabowo.

Who will you vote as your choice for your president on 9 July?