Chitika PPC CPC Ad Program

Chitika PPC CPC Ad Program

How to Make Money with Chitika PPC CPC Ad Program and get approved easily

Good news for bloggers who wants to earn money from Adsense alternatives. Now, blogger publisher may easily be approved to join Chitika. Chitika now has three types of ads: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. While Gold is reserved for the large top 500 websites, Silver is for ordinary blogger like you and me. So, hurry up to join Chitika before the offer gone.


Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select
How to Join Chitika
Chitika Affiliate Referral Program
Payment Proof
Chitika Minimum Payout

I. What's Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select?

Chitika now is introducing PPC / CPC (Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click) program called Chitika Premium and Chitika | Select. While Chitika Premium accept traffics only from Canada and USA and the traffic should come from search engine, Chitika | Select functions as an alternative when Chitika Premium is not showing. See screenshot at the bottom

II. How to Join Chitika

Visit Chitika Sign Up Page to Register
Fill out the form and follow the registsration process.
Create ad code and put into your website / blog.

III. Chitika Affiliate Referral Program
Once you have created a Chitika account, you're eligible to join the affiliate / referral program. The referral links are there in your Chitika admin panel.

There are two types of Chitika Referral Program: Publisher Referral Program and Advertiser Referral Program.

Publisher Referral Program
You’ll earn 10% of what your referrals earn – the more friends you refer, the more you make!
You’re eligible to earn commissions for each referral for 15 months following each referral’s approval date.
Advertiser Referral Program
Earn $25.00 once your advertiser referral reaches $100.00 spent in their ad campaign.
There is NO limit to the number of referrals you can earn referral commission from.

If you have not joined Chitika yet, join it here.

IV. Chitika Payment Proof
Chitika is a big company, compared by many as rival to Adsense. There is no need for publisher to doubt its credibility. That's said here's the payment proof if you are still in doubt.

chitika payment proof

V. Chitika Minimum Payout

Payments are sent out monthly via PayPal when your balance crosses $10. Minimum balance must be greater than $50 if you prefer to get paid by Check.

Pictures of Chitika Premium chitika premium

Images of Chitika Select chitika select

Chitika WordPress Plugins

If you join chitika premium ads program and have a self-hosted wordpress blog, you'd better install Chitika Wordpress Plugins for making it easier for you.

First off what Chitika Premium is:

Chitika|Premium is a CPC search-targeted advertising solution brought to you by Chitika. It can be run on the same page as Google AdSense, or on its own as an AdSense alternative.

* Chitika|Premium is 100% AdSense compatible and can be used on the same page as AdSense
* Chitika|Premium ads target your US and Canada search engine traffic
* Chitika offers more than 20 ad unit sizes to fit your needs
* You do need to sign up with Chitika in order to earn money through Chitika|Premium ads

How the plugins works:

This plugin allows you to easily change the display of your Chitika|Premium ads through a settings page in the WordPress admin interface. It allows you to change any of the following features:

* Ad size
* Link and text color
* Background color
* Display position (above or below your post)
* Channel

Download Chitika Wordpress Plugins here.
Read how to install here.
Join Chitika by signing up here!

Can I Put the Ads along side AdSense?

Of course, as mentioned above you can join both Adsense and Chitika and put them all at the sampe page.

Tribal Fusion is one of the most difficult ads services to get approval from. I tried every now and then to no avail. Here is the answer from the last try. My emphasis in bold seems the only significant ticket to get accepted:

Dear A. Fatih,

Thank you for submitting your application for site representation with Tribal Fusion. Although we acknowledge your work and success in creating News and Blogging Tips, we are unfortunately unable to accept it into our publisher network at this time.

In order to continue to deliver the leading CPMs and exceptional customer service for our publisher network we must adhere to our strict requirements of acceptance for new sites. Many times these requirements are based on advertiser demand and therefore change on a continual basis. If your site is professionally designed, and receives well over 2,000 unique visitors per day (from US visitors), please reapply in 3 to 6 months to see if your highly targeted, non-adult content matches our advertisers' needs.

If there is a design or traffic issue, you may want to consider working with any of the number of firms that provide design and traffic improvement services and then reapplying.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our network. Please understand that this decision is of course in no way a reflection of you or your business. We wish you the best in your online endeavors.

Best regards,

The Site Representation Team
Tribal Fusion, Inc.

After some googling, however, the rejection turns out to be a blessing in disguise for me. contains a dangerous spyware according to

Category: Cookie
Date: 2003-07-18
Dangerous: Yes is website that places a tracking cookie, one that is being shared by more than one domain. This means that data about your internet activity is being shared across multiple websites, potentially exposing sensitive information you wouldn't want to share.

So, if you get approved by beware instead of getting excited! How to be Approved

I tried to register another blog (not to After several days, I got an answer that my blog is not a good fit for payperpost marketplace. Honestly, I don't intend to join any payperpost or pay-per-review program, too time consuming for me and could degrade Google PR. I just wanted to know if a new blog can be easily or hardly accepted by the team.

Here's the reply of rejection from them I share it here for those who might want to join. The answer can be considered as the tips on how to get approved:

This is a notification to let you know that we were unable to approve your blog, Beasiswa Scholarship, due to the following reason(s):

Thank you for your blog submission! Unfortunately, at this time, your blog is not a good fit for our Marketplace.
Here is some additional information regarding what we expect of the blogs in the IZEA Network. In addition to meeting our Terms of Service, we are looking specifically for blogs that are of a high quality and who exhibit the following:
Good sentence structure, spelling and grammar.
A clean, fresh layout.
A blog that sticks to a central purpose, topic or theme.
Blogs with informative and original content.
Blogs that have unique content not copied from other sources.
Blogs that load quickly, and do not have too many pictures, flash, widgets and obtrusive music slowing it down.
Blogs in which the sponsored posts are so well written that it is hard to determine if they are sponsored or not.
Blogs where the majority of content is original non-sponsored content.
Blogs that have primarily content before the fold.
Blogs that contain significantly more content than ads.
Correctly labeled links that lead to valid sites and not 404 Messages.
If your blog does not meet our standards, and does not possess many of the things listed above, your blog will most likely continue to be rejected.
Please keep in mind that this rejection does not mean that your blog is bad or that you are a bad blogger, it simply means that your blog is not right for our Marketplace at this time.

How to Get High Alexa Ranking Easily

If you want to get higher ranking in Alexa, download and install Alexa toolbar here for free (for firefox) and here for Internet Explorer

An interesting tips from

Alexa rankings are based on users who have installed the Alexa toolbar onto their browser. If you do not have the toolbar running, you do not affect the rankings of the sites you visit.

... [it's very easty] to cheat the system. Just get a few friends to install the toolbar and have them surf your site everyday. It does not take many people to break into the top 100,000. You can even do it all by yourself by refreshing your site over and over again. Get a dozen friends to do it and you’re break into top 20,000 easily.

I haven't done the John Chow's trick yet.

If you want to get higher ranking in Alexa, download and install Alexa toolbar here for free (for firefox) and here for Internet Explorer

Send SMS via GMAIL

From Gmail Official blog:

...starting today you can turn on text messaging for chat. Just click on Settings, and go to the Labs tab. Scroll down until you see "Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat" and select Enable and Save Changes.

We're just trying it out for cell phones in the United States right now, but you can send texts to your friends with US phone numbers from anywhere in the world. You can start by just typing a phone number into the search box in the chat window on the left, then select "Send SMS." You can also select the contact you want to SMS first and then add their phone number. No Longer Free

Actually it's still free for a very limited functionality. If you want like it was, you need to be what so-called an Supporter by paying U$40 a year:

There are a couple of catches, first up we’re having to increase the price of supporter to $39.95 per year (that’s still less than $4 per month!) - although please note that all existing supporters (or people who have upgraded their storage) will continue to have supporter privileges at the old price for the life of that subscription.

Also, as I mentioned previously, extra functionality (plugins, blogs & user creator and a few others) will only be available for supporter blogs, and there will be a reduction in storage for free blogs too.

Is this ideal? Well, in a utopian world we’d like to give everyone, everything, entirely for free and without any ads! But that’d be a utopia… so, barring that, we hope to still provide great free blogs alongside an absolutely premium supporter service that is more than worth the price of a large coffee per month.

Well, for the same limitation (disable javascript), with more functionality and improvement, I prefer to blog at

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