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Create Page Jump Link

how to create page jump linkHow to create a page jump link or same page internal links anchor. This tips can be used for blogger blogspot or wordpress ( or self-hosted blog).

If you visit my About Me Page, you'll see at the top of the page some links like Books I Author, Social Media Profiles, Islam & Muslim, My Dream, etc (see pic 1) which refers to a section of article at the same page. It's called Page Jump Link or Same Page Anchor Link or Internal Link Anchor or Jump Links or Link Within a Page, or Page Jump to a section of a page spot, or whatever you like to call it.


The Codes
How to Create Page Jump Links
Important Notes

II. The Codes
There are two piece of codes to create Page Jump Link

The Title Here

Code no. 1 is called Link Name while code no. 2 is called Anchor Name. You may change the "#books" into anything like "#about" or "#hobby", or "#123", etc. It can be letters or numbers.

III. How to Create Page Jump Link
Guide with images where to place the codes

At Books I Author, I put this Link Name code: Books I Author link name placement of jump page link
Above or right before the article section about Books I Author, I put this Anchor Name code: anchor name of page jump link
Done. You've just created a Page Jump link. You can create as many Page Jump link as you like in one page.

IV. Important Notes

The word "books" is called Attribute.
The attribute could be numbers or letters. Example My Education and . It' can be used for Footnote. See live demo here where I use number as attribute.
The attribute in LinkName and AnchorName must be the same.
Page Jump Link is useful:
If you have a large piece of writing in one page. It make easier for visitor to navigate through all your huge post.
Good for SEO. It makes easier task for major search engine robot, Google in particular, to crawl your particular page or your site / blog. See what Google has to say about this.
See another example here.

Pic 1: Result of Link Name when visitor open the page Linkname page jumpPic 2. Result of Anchor Name when visitor open the page anchorname page jump link

What Kind of Bloggers are You?

what bloggers are you?After the invention of blogging platform, the monopoly of media as a publisher is over. Well, almost. Because everybody can be a publisher now. The facts remain that not all bloggers want to compete with media in terms of quality content and originality. Many of whom are just following the trend, whatever that means.

Here's the Top Ten types of bloggers you may find when you do a blogwalking

Diary. Many old time bloggers consider this blogging technology as the continuation of their diary-writing habit. A blog is a daily notes one used to scribble on a diary book or a piece of paper. They don't care too much about traffics. They're careless about SEO. They just enjoy writing whatever, wherever and whenever they want to write. They used to blog in a free blogging platform like and The most prominent among which was the late (almarhumah) Bunda Zidan whose diary blog and recipe blog are still alive four years after she died. Just think it over, what would have happen to her blogs had she blogged in a paid self-hosted blog.
Store house. Blog as a place to store articles about him/her which were published in media. A famous personality, such as Tariq Ramadan (, has his name scattered everywhere in the media. He wants to keep them in one place. A free blog is a good place to save them all.
Commentary. One who used to make a critical commentary on anything (culture, current events, social, etc) through print media or mailing list want to have a blog which represent that tendencies. Most of their blog contents are original and unique and therefore worth visiting over and over. I honor the blogs and the bloggers most of whom, particularly those who blog in English, has been chosen as Blogger Indonesia of the Week. A weekly program of this blog which is now on hiatus for the time being. In the US in particular, commentary blog is common among university professors, academicians, journalists and serious students.
The Niche Blog. There are two types of niche or specific blog. One, specific on a particular field of study such as a blog which specifically discuss economy, or philosophy, etc. I call this kind of blog as expert blog since it's usually created by those who have expertise in a particular field of study. Two, a niche blog which is created based on the most trending issues on the internet such as gadget, digital camera, computer, Apple, Google, etc. The blogger is not necessarily expert. But finally they become one, at least to their blog readers. Unlike the first one, the latter type has the priority to monetize their blog. They are called the professional full time blogger, meaning a blogger who is blogging to make a living.
Money Blog. Or blogging for money. They prefer to be called Professional Blogger. The information through ads or the words of mouth is such that everybody who knows and has access to the internet wants to have a try at least once to make money online. They blog not because they enjoy writing. They just want to make money in the first place. Some succeeded. Some end it up in failure. Some try professionally with quality contents. Some just copy and paste blindly without mentioning the source. Once the result is not there, they just quit blogging and back to offline money making jobs.
Trend follower. They are blogging simply because it's trending. No more no less. Once the trend is over, the blog is gone.
Hybrid blogger. They could start blogging because of a trend. They found it enjoyable. They get more serious and are amazed to the fact that it earn them money. They finally become full time blogger. Or they keep retaining the offline job, while try hard to make money online enterprise grow.
Lazy Blogger. A blogger who rarely update his/her blog. There's no obvious reason but one: lazy.
Poor Blogger. We need to sympatize to this blogger. He/she hardly or rarely update his/her blog because of one reason: no internet connection.
Hiatus blogger. Aka ex blogger. A person who used to blog frequently. For one or another reason, he calls it a day. They quit blogging for daily job which waste a lot of his time. Boredom could be another reason as well. Priyadi ( was a prominent Indonesian blogger who has been on hiatus, for the time being or forever.

What kind of bloggers are you?

Cowboys in Paradise Bali

cowboys in paradise movieTitle of film: Cowboys in Paradise (meaning, Gigolos in Bali, Indonesia)
Genre: Food - Feature Documentary
Director: Amit Virmani of Singapore
Running time: 100 minutes
Format: HDTV
Original language: English w/subtitles
Demographic: Global Festival / Theatrical / Television / DVD / Home Video
Plot: A documentary movie about the beach boys who've made Bali a leading destination for female sex tourists.

A new spin on the world’s oldest profession. Each year, millions of women descend upon Bali in search of paradise. And many find it in the arms of a Kuta Cowboy.

Cowboys in Paradise gets between the sheets and observes the many facets of Bali’s male sex trade.

cowboys in paradise Gigolos in Bali
A Balinese playboy (gigolo) appears in the documentary 'Cowboys in Paradise'

Video Cowboys in Paradise documentary

You may download this video for free through or and enter the youtube video link and click Download. Here's the Cowboys in Paradise link:

More on how to download youtube video

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