Internal Duplicate Content Tools

If your sites don't perform well after hard working with original content you made, the most probably you made an unconcious big mistake by allowing internal duplicate content happen. Check it out and fix it soon.

Here are the free internal duplicate content. Number 1 is enough to know it. And no. 3 is the way to make change.


Duplicate Contents in WordPress

What are the duplicate contents in self-hoted Wordpress and how to solve and fix the problem

Wordpress blogging platform has a built-in SEO friendly structure, it's said. Indeed it has many good features and easy to use platform. But, SEO friendly CMS (content management system)? Wait for a moment. Wordpress by default is NOT a SEO friendly blogging software since it has so many duplicate contents. Unless you deal with this internal duplicate contents properly, your self-hosted wordpress blog will never ever be a SEO friendly blog.

I. The list of duplicate contents in Wordpress

Date based Archives
Tag Archives
Comment pages of posts (for WP version 2.7+)
Comments RSS feeds
All RSS Feeds
Search result pages on the site.
Sub pages
Author Archives
Author pages
Author archives

To solve the duplicate contents problem, set all the duplicate contents alements above into NO INDEX. There are two options to NO-INDEX setting. (a) Using Platinum SEO Pack or All-in-One SEO Pack plugins (b) Setting it manually.

A. No-Index Duplicate Contents Using Plugins

Using plugins is recommended for easy to use command. Just install Platinum SEO Pack or All in One SEO Pack. And set all the above dupe content into NO INDEX. See screenshot below (I use Platinum SEO Pack)

wordpress duplicate contents

B. Setting No Index to Duplicate Contents Manually

To set no-index manually into the duplicate contents, look at discussion in this thread.

Duplicate Contents in Blogger Blogspot

Blogger Blogspot duplicate contents causes, title meta description tags and how to fix them to avoid Google penalties


I. Titile and Meta Tag Description
II. Date Link in Comment
III. Blog Archive Widget
IV. Recent Comment Widget

I. Title and Meta Tag Description
If you use the common meta description in Blogger Blogspot, you made a big mistake. Because it will create the same meta description for all of your posts / articles as well as you frontpage blog. Thus, in the eyes of Google search engine, you have violated the no-duplicate-content policy and will have to pay for it.

To fix it, you need to create a special meta description made specifically for Blogger Blogspot blog. See the tutorial here,

II. Date Comment Permalink

The permalink in a Blogger Blogspot comments will cause duplicate content so far as search engine goes. Read more on how to fix it

III. Archive Pages and Archive Widgets
Archives pages and archive widgets can cause a duplicate issue as well. You need to fix it to avoid Google penalties for having too many duplicate content. Read the tutorial to fix the problem here.

IV. Recent Comment Widget

Recent comment widget is using Blogger comment feed ( which supplies search engines with links to your blog comments. Avoid using it as it'll cause duplicate link and content.

Firefox 3.6 Free Download

If you're still using the old Firefox, I recommend you to use Firefox 3.6. It's good and fast.

Download Firefox 3.6 here.

Favorite Indonesia TV Stations

TV station in Indonesia ranked in preferential order. #1 is the best

Metro TV: Indonesia's BBC. Smart presenter. Great programs as well.
TV One: Indonesia's CNN. Rely on current events both local and international. Talk show host not as smart as Metro TV's on interviewing, but is much better than others.. I'm grateful to TVONE and Metro TV without which I'd prefer watching CNN and BBC World (and pay for Indovision).
Trans TV. It has some good educational programs, good movies as well.
Trans 7. Some educational and healthy entertaining programs. Also covers up Moto GP.
TVRI. Nice but out of resources, it seems.
RCTI. Full of crappy sinetrons (soap opera). I put it at #6 simply because it covers a full month World Cup 2010 live events. Along with Global TV.
Global TV. The Hollywood movies are good. It covers F1, which is good.
SCTV. Full of crappy sinetrons. Twin of RCTI.
TPI. Too much dangdut. No offense, just need smarter program.
Indosiar. Too much Indian-like sinetrons. Badly need creative CEO.

Make your own ranking and reviews on Indonesia TV above.

Or what your top three TV station in Indonesia?

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