Cara Menghilangkan Missing Title rpc_relay Blogger

1. Masukkan kode berikut di antara <head> dan </head>
2. Berikut kodenya (ganti dengan alamat blog Anda):
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == ""'>
<title>rpc relay path</title>
<meta content='NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE' name='robots'/></b:if>
3. Klik Simpan template. Selesai.

Duplicate Contents in Wordpress.Com

Internal Duplicate Contents in Wordpress.Com and How to fix it is a free Wordpress powered blog owned by Automattic the Wordpress software founder.

I have a Bahasa Indonesia blog at Since this free service is run by Automattic, the Wordpress blogging platform creator, I thought, all duplicate contents issues suffered by self-hosted Wordpress has been dealt with and resolved. It's not, it turns out. Duplicate contents still do exist in too.

When I open the Google Webmaster Tools, I found 89 (eighty nine) duplicate title tags in my blog. For the frontpage alone it has 30 duplicate as follows:


As already explained here, Wordpress containes many duplicate contents which can be fixed easily using Platinum SEO Pack or All in One SEO Pack Plugins for a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

The problem is you cannot install any plugins in nor can you modify the .htt file.

So, how to sort this problem out? Nothing. Just keep writing up in your blog and hope for the best or migrate to a self-hosted Wordpress blog.

A support admin has this short reply when asked about how to deal with dupe contents in

You are fine - it's how all WP blogs work and Google likes the way we do it.

Image of Duplicate content from my blog duplicate contents

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