Blogger Most Commented Widget

You may display the most commented widget in Blogger the easy way.

1. Sign-in to -> Layout -> Add Element -> HTML / Javascript
2. Copy and paste the following code:

<!-- Popular posts with comment count Start -->
<script type="text/javascript">
function getYpipePP(feed) {
document.write('<ol style="">');
var i;
for (i = 0; i < feed.count ; i++)
var href = "'" + feed.value.items[i].link + "'";
var pTitle = feed.value.items[i].title;
var pComment = " \(" + feed.value.items[i].commentcount + "\)";
var pList = "<li>" + "<a href="+ href + '" target="_blank">' + pTitle;
document.write(pComment); //to remove comment count delete this line
<script src="
<!-- Popular posts with comment count End -->

3. Change the url into your own without a slash "/" in the end.
4. Save. Done.

Drag and drop to locate the widget as you like.


Auto Generate Meta Description for Blogger Blogspot

Sebastian Noack has written a very good script to auto-generate meta description for Blogger Blogspot. It works wonder in his Blogger custom blog.

The script will generate the meta tags based on the feed of your blog and updates the html template at Blogger. It generates meta tags for the following pages.

The homepage/ mainpage
with the blog description
with the most used labels / tags in the blog as keywords
The page of each post/article
with the first paragraph of the post as description
with the labels/ tags of the post as keywords

This hack is certainly a sort of revolutionary since none ever able to do it before. The script behaves precisely like auto-generated meta description of Platinum SEO Pack or All in One SEO Pack Wordpress plugins.

Unfortunately, it's written in python program which is a bit complicated for those Windows user who are not familiar with Linux operating system. Including me. :)

We hope those who are familiar with python program can make Sebastian's script more easier to implement for ordinary user. Please comment or trackback this post if you have done so.

What we expectt is this: Blogger Blogspot user needs only to copy/paste the script into the Blogger template without any need to run a complicated python script.

A screenshot from Sebastian's blog post
Edit template at Blogger
Code to switch the meta tags, generated and inserted into the template by the script

Page of a post with meta tags


Alexa Top 20 Indonesia Websites

List of Top 20 Indonesia websites based on Alexa Ranking. Non-Indonesia websites are excluded.

Indonesia websites don't have top 100 in Alexa. Even which tops the chart ranked at 261. Not to say Indonesian blogs. In the US, media websites, portals and (current events and/or technology news) blogs compete fiercely to sit in the top positiion. In Indonesia, blogs is still peripheral in terms traffics, quality contents and posting frequency combined.

Visit the websites to know exactly how much they are ranked. Don't forget to install Alexa toolbar or Search Status Firefox adds on.


How to Put AdSense in

put adsense in wordpress.comHow to make money with Google AdSense in free blog.

Putting Adsense code in is not possible as javascript is disabled by default. But you can do that by special arrangement which is not difficult to implement.

If you have been approved as an Adsense publisher and blog in, you may put the Adsense code in it. gives an opportunity for blogger to put Adsense code on share revenue 50:50 basis provided you have (a) at least 25,000 pageviews/month; around 835 pageviews a day and (b) you blog in a Adsense supported languages.

If you fit both criteria, follow these steps:

Use the form at the bottom to send a message to admin, and include the blog URL/address and your traffic details for the past 90 days.
Cick Submit. And wait for an email from admin.

Even if you are approved to put Adsense in your, you are still NOT allowed to put other type of ads particularly the followings:

Ssponsored / paid posts including PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and Smorty;
Affiliate / referral links to the following domains: usercash, clickbank, clickhop, cashrocks, payingcash;
Clicktrackers (and any similar)
Any promotion of the “I made a million on the internet and so can you” type of advertising (i.e. MLM, network marketing, cash gifting, etc.).
Paid or sponsored post content.


What Hosting Type I Have to Use

Whiat Web Hosting Type I Have to Use and which hosting services is the best

If you want to be a professional blogger, i.e. one who create a blog to make a living, this is my two advices for you. One, blog in a top domain with paid hosting. Two, blog Wordpress as a blogging platform.

There are three types of hosting (a) shared-hosting, (b) VPS or virtual private server, and (c) dedicated server. Which type of server is best for you? has an interesting advice on this issue. See below:

1. If you earn at least $100/mo from your website, take our advice and go with best VPS hosted solution (from $29.95/mo). You will get your own virtual server, which will not get influenced by other customers using too many resources.

2. If your business is bigger in website traffic & emails and you earn at least $500/mo from your website, go with best dedicated server, to make sure you have a stable and fast website which will give you peace of mind regarding downtime, customer support and many other issues already reported by customers so many times on shared hosting platform.

3. If you are student or just learning the process of deploying a website, you can also consider going with a free web hosting service on the beginning and once your website is more important switch to a more reliable website solution.

I don't use the advice #1 not to say #2 although this blog earn more than $500/month simply because the shared-hosting I use is so good that it can handle the traffic. FYI, I use Hostgator.

If you ask me which hosting services I recommend, my answer is one: Hostgator. Among the top ten web hosting services I tried, Hostgator stands out among the rest.

I plan to move to VPS hosting once this blog reaches at least 30,000 or 25,000 in Alexa Ranking (now 38,000).

Get Free Backlinks from Google PR 9

How to get 100 free one way backlinks from high Google PR 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5

Getting a one way link from a high Google PR websites is a dream from SEO point of view since it will guarantee you to get a higher Google PR and thus a better SERP (search engine result page).

Visit this site and submit your blog. Note some sites have requirements of which niche of blog which will be accepted. So, read before submitting your site url.

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