Windows XP No Dis Error

The answer lies in the words "Windows: No Disk", your PC is looking for a USB
device - e.g. a USB stick or a cell phone - that you've recently plugged in
and have removed without using the "remove hardware safely" option in the
right hand bottom corner of your screen. Put the last USB device you used
back into the USB port and then use the "remove software safely" option.

The pop up message will disappear."

In my case, I didn't have to plug the USB device in, I just needed to click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray, and tell it to remove the device that is no longer plugged in.

I did not safely remove hardware from my computer. I plugged the device that I did not remove properly back into my computer. I went to the safely remove hardware screen. Now I did not know which one to remove from the list that was given to me so I told my computer to safely removed all my USB devices. I unplugged them all from my computer, then I plugged them all back in.

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