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Ping Services for Wordpress

ping servicesList of ping services for self hosted wordpress blog.

If you run a self-hosted wordpress blog, you may put the following Update Services to ping them about the newest blog post you've just written.

The purpose is apart from driving traffics, to get your latest articles indexed quickly by search engines

Where to put them?

1. After login -> Setting -> Writing -> Update Services
2. Put the following ping URLS into the box below "Update Services"

3. Klik "Save". Done.

SEO Tutorial by Google

Just in case you missed this, Google has published the manual guidline for webmaster or blogmaster in order to make their website a Google's SEO friendly. You have to follow the guideline strictly if you want to be a real full time or professional blogger. And no one more authorized to give this tips than Google itself.

You may download it (pdf) in any language you prefer. Here are the links:

Paid Guest Blogging

Someone would like to buy link through Guest-Blogging in this blog, i.e. to post an article here with a link or two and is willing to pay for it. I've just made a "reconciliation agreement" with Google so as not to sell any link in this blog if I want to keep my Google PR intact. So, I declined the offer.

I've got such offer from various people. To buy a link through text link ads in the sidebar or through post-review. I used to accept text links ads. But after my Google PR got dumped and the content got sandboxed by Google, I reject all paid link offers. However tempting the offer was.

If you want to optimize your blog / website, first of all, don't sell link. You'll get caught by Google, sooner or later.

That's said, if you resist to sell links, make sure it's a no-follow links. Google still tolerates any paid links so far it's a no-follow one.

Here's the letter:


Do you accept "Guest Bloggers" on your blogs? I represent a large number of clients who are trying to get their unique family friendly content published on sites such as yours. I am willing to pay you to post articles written by my clients. You would of course have the right to review the article and request any changes or reject it before positing. For transparency you can also clearly mark each post as being by a guest blogger.

My clients do not care if you place banners ads on the post or Google Adsense etc. They only want to get their content published on quality blogs such as yours. The articles my clients publish are not sales ads. They are well written unique content that reads just like a newspaper article.

My clients typically just ask for a link or two back to their website within the article. As I mentioned, they are also willing to pay you for posting the article on your blog. I am sure you have some questions so please feel free to contact me. I can show you some examples of the types of articles my clients typically publish and explain more details.

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