Naik Turun Trafik

Google memang aneh. Saat diupdate terus menerus, traffic justru turun dari Google. Namun, begitu dibiarkan beberapa hari dan minggu tanpa update, traffic dari Google justru naik. Apa ini berarti bahwa update yang terlalu banyak dalam waktu sehari memberi sinyal spam pada Google sehingga Google menurunkan ranking situs terkait dalam SERP?

Kalau begitu, berapa update yang wajar menurut Google?

Laporan trafik dalam 30 hari terakhir (15 Juli - 15 Agustus)

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Satpol PP Should be Disbanded

After the bloody clash between Satpol PP and protesters in Tanjung Priok Jakarta yesterday, today other protesters wants Satpol PP (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja) or municipal police to be disbanded as they are more often than not act like police or military in Suharto's era. What do you think?

I also wonder, the deputy Governor of Jakarta Prijanto who should be the most responsible person on this incident behave like as if nothing happens. He should at least offer an apology to the people of Koja for this mess. It even better if he offers resignation. President SBY himself blames the Jakarta government on this matter. Even funnier is that Fauzi Bowo, the Governor, never shows himself nor speaks about this. What an insensitive public official. President SBY's quick response in this case should be appreciated.


Hundreds of demonstrators descended Thursday on Jakarta's City Hall to demand that the city's public security force be disbanded following bloody clashes over a Muslim tomb that left two dead and 156 wounded near the Indonesian capital's main seaport.

The protesters chanted ''God is Great'' and some threw rocks at a billboard bearing the photo of Jakarta's governor. More than 1,000 police were deployed to the area, which is near the U.S. Embassy in central Jakarta, city spokesman Cucu Kurnia said.

satpol pp indonesia
satpol pp beats and kicks a bloodied protester

Bloody Tanjung Priok Jakarta

I hope this so-called Priok berdarah (bloody Priok) doesn't turn into further riots days after. I think, Jakarta governor should be more sensitive in dealing with any case related to religious matter in the future. Tomb of a preacher and a murshid (teacher in Sufism) like that of Mbah Priok or Habib Saleh Al Haddad, is considered sacred not only in Indonesia, but also in other parts of Muslim world such as those in India and Pakistan.

In India the tomb of Nizamuddin Auliya, the wali of tariqat Chisti the biggest Sufi Orders in India, has become the placse of asking for blessing both for Muslim and Hindus. It's such place, that the SATPOL PP (riot police) have tried to enter and to destroy today. Many saint followers are just ready to die to defend the place they consider to be sacred.

In Indonesia, the followers of Tariqat or organised sufism are many. Most of Muslim affiliated to N.U. organisation are Sufi followers.

AP reports,

Protesters wielding machetes, sticks and petrol bombs clashed with riot police in a series of running battles Wednesday over a Muslim cleric's tomb near the Indonesian capital's main seaport, leaving two people dead and some 130 wounded.

Some of the injuries were severe, including an officer who had his stomach slashed and another whose hand was chopped off. It was Jakarta's worst civil unrest in years.

About 2,000 city security officers and 600 police used tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and batons to beat back the protesters near the seaport of Tanjung Priok in northern Jakarta, city spokesman Cucu Kurnia said. Police estimated the number of protesters at 500.

The demonstrators threw rocks and petrol bombs, setting fire to at least five police vehicles and destroying dozens of others.

An Associated Press photographer saw several protesters beaten by police and dragged away bleeding, including teenagers. Fist fights broke out and burning tires and cars sent a cloud of black smoke over the port.

The protesters believed city officials were trying to remove the tomb of an Arab cleric who helped spread Islam in North Jakarta in the 18th century. The tomb is located on land owned by the state-run seaports operator Pelindo II. The area is home to many squatters.

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