It hurts to be hit by Panda et al

Fsorg got hit hard by Panda or Penguin or both since three days ago. From the average of 400 to 600 visitors now down to about 40 to 60 daily visitors.

When you think you have worked hard to perform well, it really hurts to experience the downfall. I'm not sure what's exactly the real problem. Whatever, it just hurts.

8 July 2013 The Panda seems to ease the penalty on anet. Good news.

23 July 2013 It seems back again. I gotta try removing the external links or use a nofollows attribute. Or change it to no live link. May it works.

I think it's not only Panda but Penguin as well as it's to do with links. Dunno exactly.

SE users said it's not good to use nofollow to all external link.

If all the external links on your site are rel="nofollow" then Google might decide that your site has nothing but paid links. You would appear to be an affiliate and Google's algorithms are not known for being kind to affiliate sites.

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