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Ventures not Perform Well

Most ventures aint perform well. There seems to be a Google sandbox. Feel so bad.

Time to start a really fresh venture with truly fresh content, fresh domain and fresh approach.

Probable cause of not-well-performed ventures: duplicate contents, not-optimized wp themes, and friendfeed aggregate

No Duplicate Contents

One thing is clear to me now more than ever. That in order to see your blog success is you should not allow yourself to be attempted to fill your blog with duplicate contents. Sooner or later Google will catch you. And that's the end of your success story.

It's better to have 100 original and unique posts/articles, than 10,000 posts fully or partly fill up with duplicate contents.

Feeling unhappy

Feeling unhappy to see the pain-staking work hard does't yield in an expected result. Try hard to seo-optimize the sites, no satisfactory result happens. While many blackhats sites occupy the top positions. Honesty doesn't get what it deserves.

Needs more patient and passions parhaps. PP shoartage of fund add up to this unhappiness.