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Cara Membuat Related Post Blogger versi Mobile

Cara Membuat Related Post Blogger Blogspot versi Mobile dengan kode buatan sendiri atau memakai kode Match Content dari Google Adsense.

Panduan dasar

- Ganti width pada css dari 350 menjadi 300px

- Kalau anda belum menyetel template mobile menjadi enable, klik Tema, di bawah Mobile, klik Ya. Lihat template mobile dan pilih "Kustom".

- Klik Tema -> edit HTML

Cari kode berikut

1. Klik di dalam HTML dan gunakan CTRL + f <b:if cond='data:top.showMobileShare'>

2. Cari kode </div> yang paling akhir.

3. Copy kode related post di bawah ini:

<div style='float:left;'>
<!-- Related Posts with Thumbnails Code Start-->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='related-posts'>
<font face='Arial' size='3'><b>Related Posts: </b></font><font color='#FFFFFF'><b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'><><b:if cond='data:label.isLast != &quot;true&quot;'>,</b:if><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/default/-/&quot; + + &quot;?alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=related_results_labels&amp;max-results=5&quot;' type='text/javascript'/></b:if></b:loop> </font>
<script type='text/javascript'> removeRelatedDuplicates(); printRelatedLabels();
<!-- Related Posts with Thumbnails Code End-->

4. Taruh kode related post (no 3) di atas persis di bawahnya kode no. 2 (lihat gambar)

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Madinah Munawwarah Future Plan

Madinah Munawwarah Future Plan
Madinah Munawwarah Future Plan

Madinah Munawwarah Future Plan. Here's how the City of Prophet Muhammad will look like in the next few years when the projects are done.

Two British Architects to Redevelop Mecca Expansion Project

Lord Foster and Zaha Hadid 'asked to redevelop Mecca'

Lord Foster and Zaha Hadid, two of Britain's best-known architects, are reported to be candidates for potentially the world's biggest building project: redesigning Mecca.

The two architects are reported to be among a group of 18 who have been approached over a commission to redevelop Islam's holiest city, which is in Saudi Arabia's Makkah Province.

Authorities from the city are seeking a design for a complex of mosques capable of holding three million people. About that number visit the city each year during the Hajj pilgramage, which all Muslims are supposed to make at least once in their lifetime.

The pick of Lord Foster, a non Muslim, is not without controversy.
Makkah Redevelopment Project 2008 - 2020 in Photos:

Shah Rukh Khan on Islam and Terrorism

Indian Bollywood mega star Shah Rukh Khan has this to say on his upcoming movie, Islam and terrorism:

"The movie is about a Muslim person's strife to tell people that 'my name is Khan but I am not a terrorist.."

"I think the whole concept of jihad, the whole concept of warring needs to be explained as Allah meant it to be in the Quran."

Islam does not in any way tell you to be violent, he said, adding it does not support terrorism.

Intel Develops Significant Breakthrough in Silicon Photonics Development

Intel is claiming world record performance in optical communications using silicon photonics, in a development announced in the journal Nature Photonics.

Silicon photonics-based photo dectors are used to send and receive optical information, particularly in very high-bandwidth applications like supercomputers. Intel says silicon photonics is essential for "ultra-fast transfer of data (in) future computers powered by many processor cores."

The development is significant because it is based on silicon--a readily available, low-cost material used in semicondutor chips today--and outperforms more exotic, pricier materials. To date, Silicon photonics technology, using complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) techniques, has suffered from performance shortcomings.

Sabra and Shatila massacres remembered

Martin Asser of BBC reminds us:

There's another significant anniversary this week, but not one that's attracted the sort of attention the 11 September commemorations have.

On 16 September 1982, under the watchful eye of their Israeli allies who had encircled the area, Lebanese Christian militiamen entered Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee camps bent on revenge for the assassination of their leader Bashir Gemayel.

There followed a three-day orgy of rape and slaughter that left hundreds, possibly thousands, of innocent civilians dead in what is considered the bloodiest single incident of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Who's Responsible?

Based on Al Jazeera's finding:

... a former LF fighter, who spoke to Al Jazeera on the condition of anonymity, insisted that the Israeli military, and not the Lebanese, should shoulder full responsibility for the killings.

He said: "After Bashir Gemayel was killed, Lebanon was at a boiling state. We were angry, we were lost. We knew that something was going to happen but didn't know what."

He admitted that the LF was angered by the assassination of Gemayel but had no idea what was planned at Sabra and Shatila. The soldier, who began fighting with the LF when he was 13 in 1979, said his unit had been confined to barracks at the Beirut airport and not allowed to leave after Gemayel's murder until they were deployed around Sabra and Shatila.

"It was not the LF [who were responsible for the killings]. It was the Israeli soldiers who went inside those camps," he said.

Mumbai Terrorists Caught

Pakistani authorities claim they've caught some of the Lashkar operatives responsible for India attack:

Late Sunday afternoon scores of Pakistani soldiers, backed by helicopter gunships circling overhead, moved on a militant encampment less than three miles outside Muzaffarabad, the small hillside capital of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. According to local villagers, there were exchanges of small-arms fire as the soldiers launched an assault on the rural camp that was run by Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the charitable, public face of the Lashkar-e-Taiba guerrilla outfit that India has blamed for planning, organizing and carrying out the Mumbai massacre late last month. While Pakistani officials are not commenting publicly, they confirmed privately that between three and eight Lashkar operatives were captured, including perhaps Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, whom Indian officials have fingered as a top controller of the 10 gunmen who staged the Mumbai attacks that killed at least 164 people.

Muslim hajj pilgrimage culminates on Mt. Arafat

Muslim hajj pilgrimage culminates on Mt. Arafat:

MOUNT ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia (AP) Creating a sea of white robes, nearly 3 million Muslims converged on a rocky desert hill outside Mecca on Sunday to perform the ritual of forgiveness marking the climax of the annual hajj.

Chants of "at thy service, my God, at thy service," reverberated through the valley as the pilgrims stood to pray for God's forgiveness in the most spiritual moment of the entire pilgrimage.

It's official: Men really are the weaker sex than women

Unsurprising research finds:

The male gender is in danger, with incalculable consequences for both humans and wildlife, startling scientific research from around the world reveals.

The research – to be detailed tomorrow in the most comprehensive report yet published – shows that a host of common chemicals is feminising males of every class of vertebrate animals, from fish to mammals, including people.

AIDS Vaccine Possible Within 5 Years

Nobel medicine laureate sees progress on AIDS vaccine:

STOCKHOLM (AFP) – Luc Montagnier, co-winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, Saturday stood by his view that a "therapeutic vaccine" for the AIDS pandemic could be created within four to five years.

"It is difficult to say, but it is perhaps a case of four to five years," he told AFP, following a press conference in Stockholm ahead of receiving the prestigious prize next week.

In October Montagnier, 76, said an AIDS treatment could be possible in the future with a "therapeutic" rather than preventive vaccine for which results might be published in three or four years if financial backing is forthcoming.

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Kapan Akun Adsense Host-Only dapat Dipakai Di Situs Lain

Kapan Akun Adsense Host-Only dapat Dipakai Di Situs Lain

Kapan Akun Adsense Host-Only dapat Dipakai Di Situs Lain. Misalnya, kita punya akun Adsense khusus YouTube, yang disebut Host-Only Account, maka akun ini hanya dapat dipakai di Youtube saja dan tidak bisa dipakai di situs lain yang kita kelola. Di akun Adsense ada keterangan sbb:

You currently have a host-only account, so this ad code will show as a blank space outside of host partner sites. To find out how to get live ads on other websites

Kalau kita ingin memasang kode iklan Adsense di situs lain, maka ada syarat-syaratnya antara lain sbb:

Pertama, akun anda harus sudah terverifikasi. Yakni dengan cara memasukkan kode PIN verifikasi yang dikirim oleh Google ke rumah Anda. Anda akan menerima PIN verifikasi kalau penghasilan anda sudah mencapai minimal $10 (sepuluh dolar). Selengkapnya lihat di sini.

Kalau belum melakukan ini, maka syarat berikutnya tidak perlu dibaca karena itu berarti akun anda belum siap dipakai untuk memasang adsense di situs lain.

Kedua, mengisi formulir aplikasi (application form). Caranya sbb:

- Sign in to your AdSense account.
- In the left navigation panel, click My ads.
- Click Other products.
- Click Upgrade now and complete the application form.
- Finally you need to implement AdSense ad code on the URL that you provided above, on a page that receives traffic.

Setelah disetujui, maka kita bebas meletakkan kode iklan di manapun.

Waspadai Modus Email Penipuan Mengatasnamakan BCA

Dapat email dari BCA yang isinya sbb (semoga bermanfaat bagi nasabah BCA dan calon nasabah BCA):

Yth Bapak/Ibu Nasabah BCA,

Lindungi diri Anda dari modus penipuan email yang mengatasnamakan BCA.
Selalu waspada terhadap semua informasi yang mencurigakan dan pastikan untuk mengkonfirmasi terlebih dahulu ke Halo BCA.

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Our Loving Mother

Our Loving dan Beloved Mother

If any true love ever exists in this world it's the love of a mother towards her children. If any unconditional love which does not expect anything in return, it's a mother's love. I wrote in my Bahasa Indonesia blog that unconditional love is good and healthy on two things: the love of a mother towards her children and love of human towards one's God. Other than these two, love should be and must be on condition of reciprocity. It's especially true on the case of man-woman relationship.

An unconditional love of one party towards another will give the second party--either man or woman-- a blank cheque to be corrupt; to easily tend to abuse such "unlimited power of love" against another. And finally the relationship will end up in a strange of love-hate situation and even a tragic climax of disappointment.

A balanced love, call it a reciprocal love, is good and healthy because like trias politica in democratic system of governance, it'll give either party involved, i.e. the man and woman who are in love, a sort of "balanced of power" without which the love relation will easily deteriorate into lord-and-slave relation.

But mother-children relation is entirely different story. Our mother's love is so intense yet so pure, so emotional yet so real. She gives it without any future expectation of reciprocity. She's happy to see her kids growing healthy. Her kid's naughtiness doesn't upset her a bit. She's just happy to be able to love them to nurture them to nourish them and to see them happy. No more no less.

And because of that she deserves our unconditional love too. Our loving mother deserves a lot more than just this Mother's Day [1]

[1] Indonesia celebrate Mother's Day (Hari Ibu) on December 22 that's today.

Nominated as Best Asian Blog by Brass Crescent

I'm surprised to find that was nominated as Best Asian Blog Award along with four other Asian blog by Brass Crescent. I am honored and thankful for that.

I just came to know this news after I got an email from the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan telling me about this news:

Dear Fatih,

Greetings from the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. I hope this finds you in good health and that you don’t mind me contacting you so randomly.

I just learned about your blog through the Brass Crescent Award Nominations, and as they are naming your blog as one of the top Asian blogs focusing on Islam, I thought you and your readers might find this conversation interesting.

Nina Mufleh
Media and Communications Department
Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al AbdulA brief history of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) a socio-religious movement in Indonesia and the largest Muslim organisation in the world.

NU Nahdlatul Ulama

Nahdlatul Ulama (also Nahdatul Ulama or NU) is a traditionalist Sunni Islam group in Indonesia. Its traditionalist nature is evident in the name Ulama, referring to the scholar-preachers of Islam, trained in Qur'anic studies, including the interpretation of the religious laws contained therein.

NU was established on January 31, 1926, who founded by Wahab Chasbullah with supported from Hasyim Asy'ari, the most respected ulema in East Java. Hasyim also sat as the first chairman. NU built up as a reaction to the Muhammadiyah. NU also developed in the other areas of Indonesia, but East Java remain as the central. In 1942, the organisation has 120 branches entire of Java and South Kalimantan. In 1965, the group took sides with the General Suharto-led army and was heavily involved in the mass killings of Indonesian communists. However, the NU later began to oppose Suharto's regime. In 1984, Abdurrahman Wahid, the grandson of NU founder Hasyim Asy'ari, inherited the leadership from his father, and was later elected President of Indonesia in 1999.[1]

[1] Wikipedialah

Blogger Error Performing Your Request

Problem occur sometimes when you update or edit your template. The error message as follows:

Blogger Problems: Error Performing Your Request bX-7e4k5s

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
Provide the following error code and additional information.


There's no real and fixed solution to be honest because the team never gives any official answer. But here are some tricks which may work one way or the other:

Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then reloading your blog.
Try changing your browser. For example if you use IE, change to Firefox or Google Chrome, etc.

Please share with us your experience in solving this kind of problem. It might benefit everyone facing similar error frustrating problem.

HTTP 404 Not Found Blogger Custom Domain


I had a blogspot blog, last wednesday I thought I would make 'it official' and got a custom doman through blogger. It says I do not have to do anything else if it was purchased through them. I haven't done anything but register my domain address with google. When I try to access my page, it says HTTP 404 NOT FOUND. It has been a week and my site should have been working by now correct? Is there something I am not doing right? I have done everything it says on their HELP page and emailed them, but again, nothing.


1. By Wiesel:
I was having a very similar problem. I switched back my blogger custom domain to my blogspot address then back to the custom domain and it seems to have worked. It might be a problem in blogger, or maybe finally the DNS settings propagated, i don't know. It's a least worth a try.

2. By Nitecruzr:

OK, the primary symptom is normal:
"Server Not Found Error 404"

DNS is normal (needs improvement): 1800 IN A 1800 IN A 1800 IN A 1800 IN CNAME

Better would be: 1800 IN A 1800 IN A 1800 IN CNAME

Having improved your DNS (if you're able), publish the blog back to BlogSpot, then re publish to "".

Chuck [Blog*Star 2006 - 2008]
Real Blogger Status:


Some useful tips:

Custom domain publishing and 404 error
Magical Custom Domain Form.
404 Error on Custom Domain with Blog
404 blogger custom domain error
Royal Hashemite Court
Amman, Jordan

Watch TV around the World for Free

Yes, it's free. Watch CNN BBC FOX NEWS VOA ESPN-STARSPORT etc. If you stay outside your country and wanted to watch your own local station you can do it too. And most important of all it's all free! What you need is a decent internet connection (in Indonesia it means Speedy). I've just tried right now to watch CNN and BBC WORLD NEWS that I really miss. Download the internet TV software for free here. Unzip the file and install the software. Happy watching TV! Server is Down?

Blogsome servers is down or crashed we don't know for sure. Some bloggers using free blog providers are complaining in the forum that they are unable to access their blog From Sunday Nov 23 till today Monday 24 November 2008. Here are some complains which don't get the desired answer from the blogsome support team:

huangwelly says in the forum: "hai

Blogsome team/admin, In 24/11/08 (in my Time (Jakarta +7) I try to log-in my blog : but It can't log-in ? Why? Thank's for answering..

from anchoasytigretones:

Dear Shana, I don´t have currently access to my blog
I didn´t delete it and actually yesterday I was reading comments...but I can´t reach it today. Can you help me? My blog is not splog, offensive or nothing related to unconvenient contents.

Thank you

From Crunchy:

I have a few blogs hosted with blogsome and today cannot access them - can you tell me what might be wrong?


From howtojapanese

I'm unable to access my blog for some reason:

Is this something temporary? Did I do something to warrant a deletion? I write about how to learn Japanese. Any help would be much appreciated.

There is no response whatsoever from the blogsome forum support team. The fact is some blogs are down, while some others are not. itself, along with its sister weblog namely, can be accessed and run well. Hopefully blogsome is doing mantenance to some of its servers so the affected bloggers can happy-blogging once again.

There's a precedent actually way back in 15 Jul 2005. The different back then they offered apology to their users:

One of the Blogsome servers crashed at about 06:44 GMT, and was
down until about 09:15. It's working fine now (and no data on it
has been lost).

We apologise for the disruption.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Religion, Peace and Violence

Envy is Humane

Religion, Peace and Violence

Is religion cruel and drive someone to resort to violence instead of peace? Yes, an atheist who are bored to be religious might say.

One should not forget that an urge to go to violence is here within one's heart. And human has a tendency to justify whatever one does to hide one's true intention. And what the most legitimate reasons other than the reason of religion?

Hence, history witnessed the religion's based ware in the Europe. Now, many terrorists, who claim to be Muslim, wage the war against anyone who doesn't accept their ideology.

Anyone who cannot make peace with himself will always try to wage violence with or against others to satisfy his lust of doing violence acts. With or without the name of religion.

Sometimes life is unfair, you might think. You work harder just to see your deservering efforts end up in failure. While you saw success often happen to people near you who work less than you did. So, you'are envious. Life is unfair, you thought.

Envy is humane. It's been there inside the heart by default since you're born. Envy is not bad as far as you can control it and use it as a trigger to motivate you work harder and smarter. It can backfire against you, if you let it run on its way.

Since, success is not as the result of hardworking alone. Various factors contribute to a success or failure including, but not limited to, right strategy, good plan, deep vision. All in all, smart is the key along side the hardwork.

Qadhafi's Death and Tyrannical Mind

You must have known the biggest news all these few days: that Muammar Qaddafi the Libya's dictator who ruled the country for 42 years was dead and was killed and apparently tortured.

He had been torturing some of his people during his uncontested rule. Power tends to corrupt your mind. To dictatorize you. To cruelize you. That happens not only to Qaddafi. This also happens to people--the Libyan fighters-- who have the chance to see him hiding in the drainage tunnel. When the people has the power to do whatever they like to do to Qaddafi, they become cruel and sadistic to him just as him to them.

That is the power of power. Unless, you can control you mind. And there's someone watch over your footstep.

Working Hard and Smart

Many people working hard, very hard but not smart enough. So much so that they wasted many of their precious time exerting their energy to earn something not worth doing.

That's what I was saying to some audience this morning. I feel that what I preached found the echoes in what I've been doing so far to some extent.

There are some area where I feel so stupids for not having a clear vision of what I've been, are, will be doing. I think it's not so late to make the change. First, make a careful, thorough and clear cut vision on those "things". Second, do it based on those blueprint.

Hope, I can make it sooner than later.

Simplify Life

I always believe that we should simplify life instead of making it complicated.

We see many things before us that are required to be done. And we have identified which one is the all important and which one are not substantial. Do the all important things and leave the unnecessary things behind. We cannot entertain and make everyone happy all the time. In the end of the day, we are alone who are going to face consuequences: for the better of the worse.

Are Indonesian People Lazy, Careless or Indiscipline?

Are Indonesian People Lazy, Careless or Indiscipline? A survey conducted for a doctoral dissertation in psychology

Indonesian people still like being procrastinator i.e. to put off or delay doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. Despite it seems trivial, losses caused by procrastination habit can not be taken lightly. In a study conducted by Prof. Dr. BAGUS SIAPUTRA, S. Psi lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology University of Surabaya (UBAYA), the material losses caused by delaying this work could reach trillions of rupiah.

In psychology, work delay is known as procrastination. The research for a dissertation of doctoral program at UGM was conducted on 232 students who procrastinate in working on their thesis. Losses incurred due to the delay in finishing their thesises turned out to trillions of rupiah for each semester, calculated from the addition of tuition fees and living expenses for college travel

"Let's say there are at least 100 thousand students who procrastinate finishing their thesis each semester, the losses would have reached trillions of dollars for them," he said as quoted by

In terms of non-economy, delays in completing thesis also has implications for the students, the crisis of confidence, anxiety, shame, stress due to the threat of the drop outs, delays in the work, to delay of marriage plans.

Who Will be the Next Indonesian President?

Indonesia's parliamentary election has just ended. If the quick count result are to believe, the PDIP party comes out as the winnter followed by Golkar and Gerindra. The candidates from those three big parties will also compete for presidential election come 9 July 2014.

Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Abu Rizal Bakrie (ARB) and Prabowo Subijanto (PS) are the presidential candidates who offically stated the intention before the 9 April parliamentary election. That's said, they have not yet declared who will be their running mates to be their would be vice president.

Who will come out as the winner and be the seventh Indonesian president? Many would say, Jokowi has a bigger chance to win the race followed by Prabowo.

Who will you vote as your choice for your president on 9 July?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to Create Facebook Open Graph for Blogger

How to Create Facebook Open Graph for Blogger
How to Create Facebook Open Graph for Blogger to make your posting and frontpage website more shareable in Facebook as wanted

1. Click Template -> Edit HTML
2. Copy and paste the following code


<meta property='og:url' expr:content='data:blog.canonicalUrl'/>
<meta property='og:title' expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle'/>
<meta property='og:site_name' expr:content='data:blog.title'/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
<meta property='og:image' expr:content='data:blog.postImageUrl'/>
<meta property='og:type' content='article'/>

<title><data:blog.pageTitle/> </title>
<meta property='og:image' content=' your image link for frontpage is here '/>
<meta property='og:type' content='blog'/>

<b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription'>
<meta property='og:description' expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription'/>


3. Put the above code right after the <head>

4. Clik Save Template. Done.

Now test your blog using Facebook Open Graph debugger here.

See live example by testing this website:

Bahasa Indonesia and Nationalism

Bahasa Indonesia and Nationalism
Bahasa Indonesia and Nationalism

My friend Ahmad Qisai writes a good piece published in The Jakarta Post on January 25, 2006 about Bahasa Indonesia. He especially highlighted the current Education Ministry, Dendy Sugono's call to speak strictly in Bahasa Indonesia in order to ensure the survival of the language.

Qie, as I used to call him, gives a good socio-historical evidence that a language will survive and flourish if it has flexibility to absorb other influences. In his own words, his says:

Thus, to be worried about the future status of Bahasa Indonesia due to the widespread use of foreign terminology, like English, in Indonesia should not be exaggerated. On the contrary, the flexibility shown by the language will only help it to survive the waves of globalization.

For me, the educational minister remark is not new. Many bureucrats, especially from the same office, has done so over times. Controversies are made. Educational policy changes occur every new minister occupy the portfolio. The result: nothing. They, the ministers, just enjoy talking rubbish which ignite pros & cons in the media that led to 15-minute fame of the ministers concerned.

The current educational minister fussy remark on Bahasa Indonesia & English should be read in that context.

From Suharto era up till now, the use of word 'nationalism' always being monopolized by the so-called PNS (pegawai negeri sipil - civil servants): a group of foxes & crocodiles who hugely steal the country' money and resources in gigantic way and make the rich-natural-resources country as poor country as Liberia or Kenya. Yet, they are shamelessly screaming out loud and dictating the people about nationalism and what nationalism stands for. The leaders with conscience and honest intention to uplift Indonesia towards prosperity and justice for all will never talk such nitty-gritty & pompous stuff.

Update Feb 17, 2009: As the Qisa'i's article is no longer found in the Jakarta Post archive links, here I reproduce the whole article for everyone to read:

Has globalization marginalized Bahasa Indonesia?
By Ahmad Qisa'i
Appeared on the Jakarta Post 25 January 2006

Looking back at the history of Bahasa Indonesia as the national language of Indonesia, it was a lingua franca for the diverse communities in the Indonesian archipelago. The original form of this language was a coastal Malay dialect spoken by a small community of people in the coastal area of Sumatra. Its flexibility as a form of communication among people in the archipelago as compared to the Javanese language, the language of the majority of Indonesians, had prompted the decision by the nationalists to declare it as the National Language of Independent Indonesia. The decision was widely known in Indonesian history as Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge) and it was on the basis of this Pledge that the Indonesian Constitution has sanctioned Bahasa Indonesia as the National Language of Indonesia.

The diverse nature of Indonesian society has made a common language of communication a liability for it to succeed and survive as a united community. A simple and flexible mode of communication capable of bridging the gaps between communities will only guarantee the transformation process of Indonesia from a diverse community into a single, strong nation. Selecting a coastal Malay dialect as the national language instead of the much more complicated Javanese language proved to be a correct choice.

The decision to choose a Roman script for the language instead of its Perso-Arabic form has further helped the process of absorbing various elements of other languages to be a part of an enriched language, the Bahasa Indonesia. Foreign languages like the Dutch, Arabic, Sanskrit, French, English as well as other local languages like the Javanese, Sundanese, Madurese and others have given a lot of influence to the development of Bahasa Indonesia into its current position. The efforts by previous regimes to encourage the usage of a proper and correct form of Bahasa Indonesia in any form of communication further elevated the popularity of Bahasa Indonesia. However, the waves of globalization have certainly given a lot of impact on the development of Bahasa Indonesia. The flexible nature of the language has permitted the Indonesianization of borrowed words from foreign languages to be a part of an enriched Bahasa Indonesia. This process, nevertheless, has resulted in the pros and cons among scholars over the status of Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia amid the continuous waves of globalization.

The most recent cautious remarks came from the Director of Center for Language of National Education Department, Dr. Dendy Sugono (Media Indonesia, 26 December 2005) when he said that the current practice by corporate houses to use foreign names and billboards has threatened the future of Bahasa Indonesia as the national language. This practice, he predicted, would marginalize Bahasa Indonesia and thus would become a national threat to the unity of Indonesia. To avoid the eventuality of his hypothesis, he suggested to the local governments to enact laws preventing the use of foreign terms in public. As an example, he said that his department is looking forward of working on this project with the Jakarta Governor in enacting a law to prohibit the usage of foreign names and billboards by corporate houses and public offices in the Capital.

On the contrary, it is the flexibility of Bahasa Indonesia that has made the language popular. The ability of Bahasa Indonesia to adjust itself to the situation has proved to be effective in its development. Had it been other language, for an example the Javanese language, as the national language, it would have been difficult for it to adjust with the globalize world. The complexity found in the structure and form of the Javanese language in its spoken as well as written form would have deprived the rest of the Indonesian populace of the current situation it enjoys. Indonesia would be limited to the Javanese community while the rest of the archipelago questioned the their status of being a part of Indonesia. India is a perfect example to the situation in Indonesia. The diverse nature of Indian society is a perfect reflection for the Indonesian society. The dilemma of a national language can be taken as an example worth of examination.

The problem of a national language in India arose at the same time it achieved its independence. The majority of Hindi speaking community in India insisted on the declaration of Hindi as the Indian national language. However, other language communities like the Tamils, Bengalis, Punjabis, as well as other language communities of Dravidian languages in the Southern part of India rejected the idea on the basis of possible hegemonic domination by Hindi speaking people over the running of the administration in the country. Thus having undergone various stages of deliberations and arguments as well as threats of secession, it was finally agreed that Hindi would enjoy the status of a national language of an independent India while at the same time 16 other major languages to be accepted as the official language of administration. English, the language that long enjoyed a status of a lingua franca during the British rule in India, would continue to play the role and enjoy the same status as other official languages pending the socialization process of Hindi as the national language of India. However, the situation remains till now and even there was an addition of some three more major languages into the list of official languages in India as sanctioned by the Indian Constitution.

Thus, to be worried over the future status of Bahasa Indonesia due to the wide use of foreign language like English in Indonesia is need not to be exaggerated. On the contrary, the flexibility shown by Bahasa Indonesia will only help it to survive the waves of globalization. It will become the beneficiary of the globalization. Continuous efforts by the government to popularize the use of proper and correct form of Bahasa Indonesia while at the same time encouraging the people to learn and use foreign languages instead of discouraging them will help the process of building Indonesia to be a strong and powerful nation in the future.[]

Men Abused, a New Trend in Saudi Arabia

You might have heard child and women abuse everywhere in the world. Yet you might never heard that men are also prone to be abused by well ... women i.e. wives. And this is not a rumour or joke. Domestic violence against men are happening and increasing trend in Saudi Arabia, reports The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR)

NSHR also reports:

An increasing number of men have been complaining about their wives beating them up or pouring boiling oil on them, Al-Watan newspaper reported yesterday.

The general causes varies

Al-Angari attributed the tendency among women to be cruel against their men to such factors as a forceful personality, the age difference, marriages in which men seek financial dependence on women and the couple being a total mismatch. Instances where sons abuse their fathers are often linked to drug abuse.

In Indonesia, I haven't found such kind of incident. But from psychological point of view it happens not only in Indonesia, rather it becomes a common phenomenon of couple life particularly when the wives are higher in profession, salary and social-strata.

For more on this read the Arab News here

Rafael Nadal

I like watching tennis on TV every now and then. Especially when Roger Federer, the most elegant tennis player I've ever seen, is playing. But I like Rafael Nadal -Roger heir apparent-- more on one thing: his resilience and tenacity, his fearless and never-give-up attitude. Many top ten tennis player just consider Roger as invisible; as much as top ten golfers see Tiger Wood in his heyday.

Even the boom-boom player like Andy Roddick thinks so. Rafael Nadal does not. And that's why he becomes the only one among the top ten tennis players who can beat Roger Federer more than anyone else. Nadal himself acknowledge in an interview that his tenacity and fearlessness are his greatest assets in attaining his mercurial achievements.

And we, Indonesians, should watch Nadal more closely. Because many of us don't have that kind of characters Nadal has which are badly needed for facing any challenges ahead; not only challenge without but also within ourselves.

We tend to avoid challenges given to us instead of facing it unless 100 percent sure that we are capable of doing that challenge. If you have some Indian or Chinese colleague, you must be aware of what I'm saying. Frankly, among ethnic Malays - Malaysia, Brunei, Pathani (South Thailand) - Indonesians are one step ahead in terms of skills and tenacity. But, let's face it, we certainly lag behind those of other ethnic such as Indian and Chinese in terms of confidence and gut in facing hard and pressure-cooker challenges.

The lack of tenacity, perseverance and resilience symbolize more clearly when our football team are playing and concede two or three goals in the first half of play. You'll see the team look disoriented, desperate and crest-fallen. What's wrong with us? Is our Javanese culture--sopan santun, ewuh pakewuh, priyayi-abangan system--contributes to this phenomenon?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kyai Haji a Spiritual Journey and Social Prestige

Kyai Haji a Spiritual Journey and Social Prestige
Hajj, as it's known, is the Pilgrimage to Mecca in Islam. And Hajji is an honorific title given to a Muslim person who has successfully completed the Hajj to Mecca. In Indonesia, we call it Haji. Although all Muslims who have performed hajj deserve the title Hajji or Haji, not many of them use it. Except in Indonesia.

In Indonesia the title of Haji symbolizes more than merely a person who has done hajj. To some people, it means an upliftment of certain social status; a symbol of piousness; of pride, etc. For whatever reasons almost all Indonesian Muslims proudly add the title in front of their names. Regardless wether they're having a secular leaning thought or pure practicing Muslims.

For Ulama or Muslim scholars, who used to be called Kyai, the title Haji is a must, without which their ulama's cridential are questionable. Apart from that, we or they themselves, used to write their names as KH, acronym from Kyai Haji.That's why even a secular Islamic thinker and former Indonesian president like Abdurrahman 'Gus Dur' Wahid wrote Kyai Haji before his name when he published his op-ed piece in the Washington Post a few weeks ago.

I hardly find that kind of fondness to Hajji title used by Indian Muslims or any other Muslims from other parts of the world

Indonesia Military

On a Sunday morning in the late 1990s I met with Air Marshall Ganjar Wiranegara, then was a Colonel, and talked about the current situation which was worsening in every field in our country: from economy, monetary crisis and civil-military relationship. A kind of situation that triggered the fall-from-grace of Suharto's 32-odd year dictatorial rule soon afterwards.

Mr. Ganjar* observed that Indonesia's military has undergone, in his own word, "the lowest point of dignity" so long as people-military relation goes.

His word came in the midth of civil unrest and students protest throughout the country with some of Jakarta students had been killed by military in what was famously known as Semanggi incident.


Indonesia's military enjoys many priveleges and leverages that might envy any military establishment in the world. Unlike in any democratic countries, it has what the so-called dwi fungsi OR dual function in which the Consitution gives the armed forces a central role in politics as well as responsibility for defence.

In Suharto's era, it's the military that occupies most of very important portfolio both in government as well as in state-run companies.

When I was a kid I recalled reading Tempo Magazine's special report on military in which it told us this interesting joke:

The other day, a father with five children asked their kids on what they want to be when they grow up.

"I want to be a director of State Bank," said the first.
"I want to be a director of Garuda Indonesia," said the second.
"I want to be a Minister of Finance" said the third.
"I want to be an Indonesian Ambassador to the US" said the fourth.
"I want to be a Governor in Jakarta" said the fifth.

The wise father smiles and is proud of the fact that his kids are all ambitious persons. He also smiles because all his kids 'destinations' are achievable provided he gives a good advice to them. After a moment of thought, he smiles wider and conclude the talk saying, " Ok, kids. Listen, you can achieve whatever you wanna be if you join the military academy!


Around two years after my conversation with Mr. Ganjar, our president was BJ Habibie, Suharto was no longer in sight. Military was still "in the lowest point." At the time, I listened to Juwono Sudarsono's interview with BBC stating that "so far the military is still the finest institution in our country."

He seems to remind us to be cautious in criticising the armed forces and at the same time to acknowledge the significant of it's role.

I agree then. And still do now. We need them to guard this country against any enemies, the real enemies that might come from foreign land, not their own people as it happened in the past. At the same time we need to remind them to not overstep their role in the future. We dont want to be such country as Thailand, Myanmar and Pakistan. Also, we dont want another father of five-kids advises their children with the same not-so-funny joke above.

What we want is simple: let the best sons and daughters of the country compete to hold whatever good position they deserve. Only then can we compete with other nation in facing any challenge that lay ahead.

*We call the same name for formal and informal situation.

The Smeller a Man the More Attractive He Becomes

If you're a kind of metrosexual personality and are proud of being in the lifestyle, here's the "nightmare" for you: women enjoy the smell of men. The "sweet" of men's sweat just make women aroused, literally.

A study carried out by Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley said:

women who sniffed a chemical found in male sweat experienced elevated levels of an important hormone, along with higher sexual arousal, faster heart rate and other effects.

The research's result, I think, doesn't not necessaritly advise you to not regularly take a bath to have a "stronger smell" and hence a stronger "result." It just, beneath the line, tells us that natural odour is a lot better than the artificial one. If it's correct, well, that's quite encouraging for me who barely use any accessories called parfume.

If you're a metrosexualist, it's time for you to reschedule your shopping item for the next weekend. :)

Nurcholis Madjid

Nucholis Madjid (pron. Noorkholees Majeed), popularly known as Cak Nur* (pron. Chaa Noor), is a celebrated figure so far as Indonesian Muslim intellectual goes. He is among a few Indonesian intellectuals who were requested to come to Istana Merdeka (Indonesia's presidential palace) by then President Suharto in early 1998 to discuss, among other topics, whether he should step down or not.

According to his own statement during his visit to India months later, he's among the person who were giving the tough response: not only should Suharto step down. He had to step down. And indeed, in June 1998 Indonesia and the world witnessed Suharto announcing his resignation from Indonesia's highest office, ending his 32-year sweet and bitter authoritarian rule thus opening a new era called Reformasi (reform). The nation and the world celebrated. CNN and BBC broadcast the momentous and historic events an uninterrupted 24-hour coverage. The first ever that Indonesia got such a huge coverage on positive notes. Cak Nur's words at that moment of Suharto's fall "History counted by every second" was so popular quoted not only by national media, but by international print media as well.

During his talk in New Delhi at the time, he's talking tough and very frankly about everything particularly on government matters, something uncharacteristic of him who were known for his soft-spoken style. At the time he's talking to us, we started to be aware that something had changed. With his unusual tough and undiplomatic words before Indonesian diplomats who attended the meeting along with us--Indonesian students--as though he wanted to convey a strong message that a change, an important one, had just happened. And it's time for us to shift our coward-wrapped-by-softness attitude towards frankly-speaking kind of talk in criticising the government or any corrupt practices done by them.

I recall Soetjipto Wirosardjono (pron. Soocheepto Weerosarjono), one of my favorite Tempo magazine columnist in 1980s, once said that in criticising the government he had to make his words as diplomatic as possible so as to not offend any particular official in which case might lead him to jail on the ground of treason or subversion which could "threaten the national interest, a raison d'etre that is commonly used by any authoritarian government anywhere. Indonesian students abroad used to get "advice" from our diplomats whenever we'd have a meeting with high-level officials who visit a country where we study about things we should and should not ask during question-and-answer session with them. It's in this respect, it seemed, why Nurcholis Madjid talked in front of government official in most unorthodox way.

His thought on Islam and State

During 1970s, Cak Nur made a controversial statement that sparked nation-wide response, pros and cons on the need of separation between Islam and politic. His "Islam Yes! Politics No!" jargon drives a long debate among moderates who support his idea and conservatives who advocate the establishment of Islamic state. During 1980s, he yet again sparked a controversy. His statement in a seminar about "secularism and secularisation" and his other ideas on theological matters upset many conservatives Muslims among whom even regard him as an "apostate."

One should remember, however, that apart from his many controversial idea on Islam and state and his firm belief that Islam should occupy Muslim private domain only, he's a pious Muslim who prays five-time a day and avoids what Islam forbids. In his book Agama dan Peradaban (Religion and Civilization) he said that one who believes in God, Islam in this case, should observe whatever God or Islam commands as natural consequences to that belief. In other words, Cak Nur seems to remind the agnostic belief of the fact that believing in God without any need to observe what God commands is self-contradictory.

Father of the Nation

He is a man of principle. He believes strongly what he said. When he says something he says with his heart.** This kind of attitude earns him respect from friends and foes alike. His eagerness to see Indonesians united on common ground of Indonesianness, rather than tearing apart by communal fanaticism, attracts many followers of various background.

After the fall of Suharto's Orde Lama (new order) regime in late 1980s, he's the only prominent intellectual who resisted the temptation of power and continue voicing his idea of united Indonesia and of tolerant life-style among different faiths He came from Jombang, Jawa Timur (East Java), the most populuous province in the country.

Despite disagreement with some of his ideas, especially on religious matters, one may not and should not ignore his contribution on two most important thing: his relentless efforts in uniting various perception on nationhood and in advocating the need of tolerance among various faiths, ethnicities and regions to see the nation grows strong in facing the challenges ahead.

Second, his pioneering and inspiring role in making discourse on Islam and Indonesia among intellectual and academician alive and kicking, one important requirement to foresee the grimness or brightness of a nation. A nation who feels satisfied with status quo and stuck with it is a nation of backward people. History tells us that nation with such attitude is awaiting other nation/s to "colonise" us. A kind of nation that drives a colonialist ideolog like Rudyard Kipling justifies British colonialism on the ground that it's the "duty" or the "burden" of more advanced nation (read, white people) to "help" the backward ones. Nurcholis Madjid just help us to be aware of this situation. It's not exaggerated, therefore, that media dubbed him as the father of the nation for his commitment, dedication and contribution to the nation and at the same time his abstinence from politics at the time when opportunity wide-open.

A big nation would always remember and appreciate any contribution of its best sons and daughters, to learn what is right from them and to forgive but not to repeat any mistake done by them. Afterall, they are humans who are trying their best for the country.


*'Cak' literally means elder brother. Used generally in certain area in East Java. It's used by many East Javanese people to call those who they respect and hold dear and is so close to their heart. For Cak Nur, however, the term Cak is used nation-wide indicating how popular he is even now, years after his death.

**Not every intellectuals speaks for what they believe in; some speak for their stomach. Proposing a new idea by "order" from particular sponsors. Hence the inconsistencies and disgrace to some.

Women Breast, Surgery and Suicide

Breast for women is as much, if not more, important as the "missile" is for men. In this case, size does matter. Hence, enlargement tools for men and breast implant for women are becoming big business to those who think that physical appearance is everything, instead of inner beauty. If you are one of this category and have a future plan to do physical improvement, please beware. A survey as reported by Reuters should warn us as to how important to improve our positive mindset and sense of gratefullness to whatever physical appearance we have.

Reports Maggie Fox of Reuters,

Women who get cosmetic breast implants are nearly three times as likely to commit suicide as other women...

The main reason is

...some women who get implants may have psychiatric problems to start with, perhaps linked with lower self-esteem or body image disorders.

This is a good point. You will never feel satisfied with yourself, with your physical appearance however or whatever beautiful, handsome or attractive you are to others if self esteem is not there within you.

While breast size dissatisfaction is a common phenomenon in the West, it could also happen in India where most women are having a relatively big breast. Sushmita Sen, a 1994 Miss Universe and prominent Bollywood actor, is among rare Indian women who did breast implant.

In Indonesia, the physical problem is not women breast size. It's their nose that women feel dissatisfied the most. Many of them feel their nose are too short or too flat and need a "fix". Interestingly, nose cosmetic surgery also happen among Iranian women. As broadcast by CNN a few months ago, many middle-class Iranian women are doing nose cosmetic surgery. The reason is not about too shortness, on the contrary, they feel their nose are too long so they need to be "reduced."

The white color of Western people skin sound not so attractive to them, they need to darken it by going to any tropical places during vacation barking on the sunshine of Bali or Thailand beaches all day. Reciprocally, people who have not-so-white or even dark skin color think that white is the color their should have and hence they readily spend a lot of money to whiten it, no matter what. People of mongoloid arigins feel unhappy of their little eyes and need to make them wider. The list goes on..

Do you feel the same dissatisfied feeling of your own physical appearance? If so, how you deal with it? Share with us, there might be some reticent women and men outthere who might benefit from your towards-self-esteem experience.